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Hey Tsang Family!!!

These products are definitely a life saver for those who want to be hair free. Plus you are guaranteed a 100% full return before 90 days!!!

Products: Rose Skin Co IPL laser hair removal handset and Rose Skin Co 4D Shave

Link to save 15% off their entire purchase (the discount will be applied at checkout):

** You must shave before using the Rose Skin Co handset, you can also use the 4D shave for a complete shave prior to starting your laser**

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12 replies
  1. Alexis N
    Alexis N says:

    This treatment literally burned my bikini area (my purpose for purchasing) and made my skin rough. When I tried to return the product, the manager literally emailed me and said “The product could be painful depending on your skin tone. Please check our skin chart.” What!?

  2. Mayesha Alam
    Mayesha Alam says:

    This video was so helpful!! I've been searching for videos where people who have a darker skin like mine use the device cause I just purchased mine a couple days ago and HOPEFULLY it comes tmrw. I do have a question tho: can you use it on your face?

  3. Unlike No Other
    Unlike No Other says:

    You guys are such sweethearts with tons of awesome energy! May your subscribers multiply exponentially and your channel become 1 of the leading beauty channels on YouTube. ❤

  4. angelicah1212
    angelicah1212 says:

    Thank y’all for this! I’ve been trying to find reviews on this product for people with the same skin tone as me and I appreciate the honest review! Payday is coming up next week so I’ll be purchasing this ASAP!

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