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Nail art orchid One Stroke by cutenails
Material use:
Color Club – Made In The USA
Top coat mat Manic Matte Tammy Taylor
Peintures Jo Sonja’s : blanche, turquoise, bleu marine, jaune
Pinceau One Stroke carré EF Exclusive 004
Pinceau de détail Tartofraises
Dotting tool fin
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Distribution Wizdeo.


43 replies
  1. Anita Taco
    Anita Taco says:

    Oh no! You don't fool me! I've learned FINALLY, if they make it look so easy, it is NOT, they're just REALLY GOOD! LOL

    An expert will always make their craft look simple to do.

  2. Hot Chilips
    Hot Chilips says:

    Very beautiful… this will be my next years nail art for (Día De Los Muertos) Day Of The Dead. I am so in love with the Plum hues and Navy or Royal hues. It’s like obviously I want to wear long nails and as pretty this every day… 🙁 but I work in the medical field and I can’t weAr long nails. I love my career, but recent the fact I can’t be this girly. We have to wear our hair up and no long earrings or heavy jewelry or long or any polish on nails. Obviously no heavy makeup. Ugh my youth will run out and I’ll never be girly lmao. People say do it on your days off! I’m like noooo I like to sleep on my days off and do chores and errands.

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