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This Bold Beauty series is designed to address the needs of Trans men and those who identify as Transmasculine or Non-Binary. Follow along to learn more from Sephora experts and clients from the community.

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21 replies
  1. Zephyr Lawrence
    Zephyr Lawrence says:

    I also had no issues with my skin before taking testosterone, thanks so much for this informative content, ive been buying so many products trying to calm my skin down but I just never had to learn about this stuff before, adding a skin routine is hard after over 20 years of not worrying about it! lol Thanks for the inclusive content, Sephora

  2. Kristen Weick
    Kristen Weick says:

    As someone who works with trans clients, I often end up teaching them skin care. I can imagine a trans man might be more likely to watch content that is specifically directed toward them because a lot of skin care content can be presented in super feminine ways, which might be uncomfortable for them to watch over and over to learn the basics. I also noticed the pink-colored products more in this video than I normally would. I think Jeffrey picked out some effective products that don't have overly girlie scents, which is great, but it goes to show you that brands need to do better with their branding. Yes, a product is a product and skin is skin, but I'm telling you, tailored content and skin care routines that don't aggravate someone's dysphoria can be super affirming to folks to whom this might matter. Of course, some trans men might not care at all about this stuff, but I wanted to state my thoughts on why I think this is important. I'm thankful that Sephora is working with trans folks in these videos, and thanks also to the folks who are participating in the videos – representation matters!

  3. SaminSays
    SaminSays says:

    Yes!! These are some of my skincare favs, as always LOVE king Jeffrey and his education! Seth is also gorgeous 😍 I hope these products work out for him!

  4. Skull Taylor
    Skull Taylor says:

    Confused as to why a transgender person would need their own seperate skincare tutorial from the rest of us male/females……… skin is skin.

  5. 541 bruksi
    541 bruksi says:

    here for the inclusive content, Sephora!! this is a great video. when my friend started testosterone his skin went NUTS. full blown teenage boy acne. it took some skincare and some time, but his skin eventually evened out again. i'm sure this is a very common issue, so i'm glad you addressed it!

  6. Chrissy
    Chrissy says:

    ❣️ this. Loved this format and you guys are so cute 😊 I hope you guys do this more with more people from the community. 🥰

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