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Best Makeup Transformations 2021 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

Check Out These Amazing Makeup Artists:h

44 replies
  1. elf star
    elf star says:

    good video. some of those girls using too much product! XD like half the bottle of 4 concealers and foundations and face drops and what

  2. Lena Pezet
    Lena Pezet says:

    Wow Omg magical is only thing I can say, I always pretend to make one of these videso and try it can make me as beautiful so good! With some music I like Nirvana, Delta Parole etc. and I already saw so much progress. Thanks for the helpful video so much fun!

  3. Rebecca M.
    Rebecca M. says:

    damn they putting too much on their face that why ya'll be having acne problem

    you wondering why your skin breaking out it the extra makeup you wear everyday with out letting your face rest one day without it

  4. Heather
    Heather says:

    A secret I learned to keep your foundation looking natural is to not cake it on your face but to use a tiny amount, if you have a blemish or pimple you can dab a little bit extra foundation on that area and that area alone, but the less foundation you use on the rest of your skin the more natural it will look. Also it helps if you have wrinkles under your eyes even small ones to use a liquid foundation around the areas that mess up when you make certain expressions and only powder in areas that don't this also helps it from messing up, and one last thing don't forget your primer to keep it all in place and setting spray at the end.. all right girlies love to you all safe out there in this crazy world and fabulous

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