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Hello friends if this is your first time watching i will link the play list 🙂

lux skin hair removal device :

kenzzii :

instagram : Amandaponce89

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  1. Monir Akhtar
    Monir Akhtar says:

    Hi I’ve been burnt with boiling oil in the past I smoothed my skin and got rid of most of the burns using bio oil but now I use coconut oil mixed with glycerin and aloevera gel just whisk the thre equall parts and apply

  2. Amber Voner
    Amber Voner says:

    Vitamin E oil on scars, I would minimize exfoliating to much as this can cause a longer heal time when the scars are still fresh.

    I hope you reached out to the company for a refund!

  3. Moe
    Moe says:

    Awe so sorry. Use Virgin olive oil and narural avocado oil mix. U can get these on baking isle ar grocery store. Hope it helps

  4. ChicagoGirl
    ChicagoGirl says:

    Hey loved your review on the Lux. I see it's still on sale and might get it. Do you know how many flashes you get or is it infinity (or at least until it breaks)? I read that these laser hair devices only have a certain amount of flashes and I want to make sure I would be able to do my arms, legs, and 2 other parts of the body I'm embarrassed about. I know my hair wont disappear, I'm just tired of shaving so much and getting razor bumps. By the way, is it ok to use the Lux when you have razor bumps?

  5. Millie Izzard
    Millie Izzard says:

    Hi hun, if I don’t get the results I want after the 12 week process can I keep going for another few weeks.? Also can I use lotion straight after using the device ?💓💓💓

  6. A A
    A A says:

    Hey girl, if you didn’t have problems with the Lux skin how come you decided to buy the the kenzzi? I’m confused if there’s a big difference between the two or if it’s retailed triple the price for no reason. Thank you !

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