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This week, I give one of my fans a nail makeover. I opted for gel sculpted extensions + terrazzo inspired nail art.

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48 replies
  1. Chubbi Turtles
    Chubbi Turtles says:

    It's cool how Tina is a well rounded beauty guru, she does makeup, nails, and etc. I've been loving her nail tutorials more than her makeup tutorials because I hate wearing makeup. But her makeup tutorials are beautiful.

  2. Julie Nguyen
    Julie Nguyen says:

    I loved this video so much! It was so therapeutic. Im a young nail artist looking for different ways to capture my work, I love how clean and aesthetically pleasing this is to my eyes.

  3. tae is life
    tae is life says:

    Not sure if this comment will even reach Tina, but just want to say that I have been following this channel for about 2 years. I really really love all your content and just want to ask if your nail salon offers services? I am staying in Singapore and would love to know more about your studio!

  4. Rania Rajput
    Rania Rajput says:

    Hello Tina, and everybody else,
    I wanted to ask of anyone is interested in participating in my final year research project that is aimed at studying the role of maladaptive daydreaming in psychological mindedness (age range: 13-65). I am a BS Psychology student and am currently working on this study . This study is one of its kind, and the theme never been studied before. I'd really really appreciate, if anyone participates in this study, and assists in the existing time of COVID-19. If anyone is interested, kindly let me know, I can share the link in the reply to this comment.

  5. Iris Lin
    Iris Lin says:

    I am so late to this video but Tina is GLOWING in her intro & outro…the monochrome look 👀 and the nails are absolutely my style so I love them so much 🥰

  6. Maria Conner
    Maria Conner says:

    Are you a certified nail technician? last I heart from nail tech school was that it was illegal to do video DIY, How tos, and tutorials for nails (both on your self and on clients) without the proper credentials such as a cosmetology or nail tech license. I just don't want misinformed youtubers getting into trouble or sued to misinformation or lack of knowledge about the can and can't without the proper prior necessary education and licenses needed to make such videos legal to post. I know youre going to for nail tech but if I remember correctly, students arent allowed to practice until they complete the necessary courses and obtain their needed license.

  7. shadypalmtree
    shadypalmtree says:

    I got a pretty horrible liquid gel manicure last week and it's so nice to see someone do it right!! They put such a huge glunk of liquid gel on my nail that it felt like I was having my nails forcibly pulled off with tweezers when they cured it. I'm about to go get them properly done, but I can't believe I wasted $70 on it.

  8. Joey Lim
    Joey Lim says:

    Hi Tina,
    here's a fan from Singapore. I will be starting college soon and was just wondering if you can do a video on affordable makeup for student something long lasting suitable in this humid weather. I believe this will be very useful guide for us who live in hot weather.

  9. hyumikk
    hyumikk says:

    I love your nail videos they always give such a calm and nice feeling to my soul 🥰
    Cant wait for some more nail videos 💅🏼

    P. S. It is so satisfying to see all that cuticle cuting 🥰

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