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This review is not sponsored or gifted. Leave your questions below and I’ll answer them as best I can!

I filmed this review on the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL in early June and July 1st will mark the end of my 12 weeks of treatment. Final thoughts below!


After almost 12 weeks of weekly treatments, I can officially say this thing is amazing and IT WORKS! The hair on my arms, face, underarms and legs has reduced to the point where I don’t need to worry about hair removal in those areas for weeks. I am still going to continue the treatments every 2 weeks on my underarms and face to really get rid of the hair since those two areas proved to be the slowest to respond to the treatment. All in all, well worth the investment.

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  1. Madeeha Naeem
    Madeeha Naeem says:

    how often do you need touch up sessions for different areas after 12 week sessions and how much are recommended if needed ? i almost completed 7 weeks for arms and legs and less number of sessions for the remaining areas.

  2. Rimjim Sudan
    Rimjim Sudan says:

    Could u share the process of shaving to using the machine on the body? And also explain how to keep track of the treatments week on week? Thanks!

  3. Twinkle Kaur
    Twinkle Kaur says:

    Hay Hun, I just bough this device and as a first time user I don't think I'm actually doing it right I'm so useless in these things🤦‍♀️ I was trying it on my legs and I could smell a burning smell is this normal? Also, could you tell me if this is the correct way to use it, so I basically put the device on my leg I pressed the button and a red flash came on then I lifted the device up from my skin and did the same on the rest of the skin.

  4. s s
    s s says:

    Di The place treated is slightly looking darker than the actual skin shade is it normal?
    Should I apply anything after the treatment?

  5. s s
    s s says:

    I just placed it on skin so it makes contact with it still got burn
    Was it like that yellow screen if it touches our skin does it make our skin burn?
    And how do we know if the device got heated I mean do we need to take breaks in between?

  6. s s
    s s says:

    Hi di i bought this device did a patch test today it did work but sting a bit hard found red rash on leg and hand but burn did go away after few minutes.I have same skintone as you.I did in normal mode first I forgot about the levels then used feather mode…painlevel in feather mode wasn't much lesser …di they said in manual that even if it stings at first you can continue as it adapts to skin you will feel better..Di should we shave right before the treatment or a day before. I'm so scared to use it on face… Did it feel any different when you used it on face and hands I mean the pain level?
    And should we use any eye protection while doing it coz they we recommend you look away while zapping.

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