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Today I show you how to create a simple and easy nail set using dual forms.
Thanks for watching!

Dehydrator & Primer:

Polygel Brush:

Cuticle oil:

UV Lamp:

Light Apricot Polygel & Dual Forms:

Matte Top Coat:

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Buddha by Kontekst
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30 replies
  1. N.flying stan The boyz
    N.flying stan The boyz says:

    I dont have the nail tips yet so I tried with fake nails + put water on the brush instead of alcool and it was totally messed up so I gotta wait for the nail tips😂😭 it looks easy looking at you but I am sure it won't be 😟

  2. Shay Shores
    Shay Shores says:

    I hate dual forms so much. Everytime I try it always mess up. It's either some comes out at the tips on my natural nails making it see through or it foes some bullsht at the cuticle

  3. kate bowes
    kate bowes says:

    I’ve never put anything but normal false nails on and trying to figure out what is the easiest way to do nails, this? Acrylic or gel? Is there any more options also

  4. caz ward
    caz ward says:

    This stuff is fustrating. I cannot stop the big bulk underneath :-(. If i try and move it down it wipes away the rest of the length and makes it really thin -.-

  5. Estelle De Paris
    Estelle De Paris says:

    Hi Vic, Thank you for the awesome video. I'm excited I just got a Modelones polygel nail kit and want to also buy an electric file/drill thing (I don't even what the name of the tool is! 😀
    Which one do you use?

  6. Laura Lee
    Laura Lee says:

    I don't know how many videos I had to go through to get my answer , to file the cuticle part of the dual form to for the nail proper or not to ? Delighted that you answered that for me thank you 😊

  7. Eva Tsaneva
    Eva Tsaneva says:

    Today was my first time trying dual forms and polygel in general… Awful. I broke my nails like a hundred times and got so upset… I still like it, but the first time it is really hard. Also I am not sure how to best distribute the gel along the form. And the forms never sticked to my nails they fall of so easily and I had no clips so I had to use a laundry clip 😭😭👈

  8. airyowo
    airyowo says:

    All these videos I keep seeing of poly gel nails make it look so easy! I really want to order a kit but I just know I’m going to waste all of the gel messing up over and over. It looks so good though when done right 🥺😭

  9. Roshnie BM
    Roshnie BM says:

    I've tried it and was bussy for 3 thours and after that i had a mental breakdown🥲🙂 but i'm happy with the results and how longer you try how better they will look and now it takes me just a 1 hour❤

  10. Khimberliz Docog
    Khimberliz Docog says:

    How is can she hold the uncured polygel with dual forms on her nails without sliding off or having some bubbles cuz there's no nail clipper?? Mine would just slide off my nail and have bubbles and in it.

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