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This video was the hardest video I have ever had to make in my life. I am very scared at the feedback you guys will give me on my whole journey. I want to be super open about my journey because its not just about how I look its also how I feel. Physically as a woman PCOS effects me in many different ways. It has also effected me mentally because of my appearance. I hope you all learn something on my journey and if there are other woman out there as well dealing with the same things I would love to help them in any way I can. I love you Boo Army. ❤

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  1. wissal El
    wissal El says:

    I was thinking about doing the laser but the tistosterome is crazy I think the hair will grow back even worst… I'm struggling from the same thing as u r not alone and I feel u…. Hope u r doing okey ❤️❤️

  2. Devo
    Devo says:

    Wow dont listen to doctors that tell you that you cant have children…..will it make it a little more different …sure, because if you get 4 periods a year you have less chances to get pregnant than a person who gets 12 periods, BUT that doesn't mean that you cant get pregnant. One time is all some people need. Not to mention that if you get insurance IUI is free in a lot of states.

  3. Megan britt
    Megan britt says:

    I got my second treatment done I literally had to shave sometimes twice a day. I can go to to three days now without shaving I can walk out of the house without make up hiding it I hate PCOS but laser hair removal changed me

  4. Mahasweta Homray
    Mahasweta Homray says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous. I know what it feels to have this much hair all over your body even on face..and then society. But sending you lots of love💘 stay strong…love you

  5. Jonesy
    Jonesy says:

    Brave girl. Thanks for sharing this. My facial hair was horrible; maybe a little worse than yours. I'm blonde and fair skinned, and the hair was black, and so coarse that it was causing a condition called folliculitis, where the hair follicles become red and inflamed. So not only was there a horrid dark 5 o'clock shadow on my face, but also nasty red bumps. It was painful and ugly, and I can't tell you how many rude and embarrassing stares and questions I got from people on a daily basis. I was so over this that I finally went to get electrolysis. This didn't work for me; it took too long, cost too much, and I wasn't seeing results. So then I tried laser and that worked! It took 10 sessions and now the hair growth has been reduced by 90%!!!! And the red bumps are GONE. It's been a game changer. I have PCOS, so I know the hair may come back one day, but I have money saved for more laser in the future. Good luck to you and be patient. I nearly gave up on laser, but I'm so happy I stuck with it. I only wish I had done this years ago.

  6. Ann9723
    Ann9723 says:

    I only have seen this video now since I just started laser hair removal treatment today. I have not been formally diagnosed with PCOS (though my PCP said I may have it lmao, I have received a sonogram before when i was young but no cystic cysts fortunately) but I definitely have a testosterone hormonal imbalance and a lot of the symptoms of PCOS including the hair growth. I'm going to be 24 now and I'm getting really hark hairs on my chin and some on my neck which I am NOT a fan of at all. Everything that you spoke about in your childhood is exactly what I went through. I think if I was less naive I would have ended my life because of the way people treated me and made me feel. I have really bad sideburns and hair on my upper lip was thin but a lot on my fair skin. I was bullied up until like the 8th grade and also called horrible names. Thank you for posting this as I really want things to get better for me too. Please keep posting update videos. It hurt so badly & I honestly cried towards the end and the entire time I drove home afterwards because I despised my genetics and myself for being "ugly" because of my hair. I haven't really told anyone about my appointment or how I felt but it really took a toll on me mentally…the things we have to do to feel beautiful…but we'll do it together!

  7. Crazy-Cat Lady
    Crazy-Cat Lady says:

    First off I adore the f*** outta you for doing this its something I've delt with since I was 13 I have the same complexion and thick black hair as you. I've been researching laser hair and came across your video I have a appointment on the 2nd of May for consultation. I'm super nervous to show my natural self to someone. What I'm curious about is how many total treatment did you have to do to achieve good outcomes and how has it been since you quit treatments? Also I want u to know I I literally cried with you in your video I share so much of the same emotions behind this as you. You look amazing in your follow up video ! I'm so happy for you . And thank you for showing the real raw side of this <3

  8. Aqsa Iqbal
    Aqsa Iqbal says:


  9. Gurlykat92
    Gurlykat92 says:

    Thank you for posting this! I know how difficult this must have been and very much so appreciate that you made this. I have had PCOS my whole life, since I was 16 and the hair had gotten worse over time. Definitely going to look into laser hair removal, as shaving everyday is not sustainable and does cause a heavy emotional toll. You are beautiful and I really really appreciate you sharing this! – THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

  10. Yolanda Bishop
    Yolanda Bishop says:

    Hello. First, I want to say that you are amazing! I have PCOS and my hair is the exact same as youra except I have more and it goes from my sideburns, chin and neck, mustache, and even up to my cheecks and I am 36 years old. I've been having this since I was 12 years old. I've been bullied and called names and it really is psychologically upsetting. You are so brave for sharing your story but you are not alone. We are here with you. And, I wish I had the money to do what you are doing. I wish you nothing but the best results! Good luck!

  11. 1982evanthia
    1982evanthia says:

    See an endocrinologist to treat your PCOS. My doctor put me on Metformin and Spironolactone along with an at home IPL machine my hair growth is so minimal. Also reducing sugars and weight will help too. PCOS sucks but you can get control of it!!!

  12. Susie Velasquez
    Susie Velasquez says:

    Hi sorry I have had PCOS and I found the laser method cause my hair growth to get worse than it had even been on my face. I now have to get electrolysis to undo all of it. I’m happy that you are happy but please look into other peoples stories just in case!!

  13. Rosita A
    Rosita A says:

    You amazing for sharing your experience! I have had the same issues since I was 18 and I’m 41 now. I have PCOS and the facial hair has definitely affected my life.
    You are a beautiful girl and a lot braver than I am. Best of luck to you!!! ♥️👏🏼

  14. m r
    m r says:

    This makes me so happy to see progress! I want to get this done early since I’m 16 with so much hair on my face this made me so much more confident knowing there’s people like me and a way to treat facial hair .

  15. Elena Salazar
    Elena Salazar says:

    Thank you for your courage and for sharing beautiful. I to have PCOS and believe me I know what you are going through. I know this video was 2 months ago. I'm excited to see how everything has been going for u? I have not done any laser before and I'm already considering it now that I have a good job and can afford it. I get a thick beard and seriously look like my brothers when I would let it grow long enough to thread and wax it. Your video pushed me a bit more into doing this and I admire you. ❤ never be embarrassed or ashamed beautiful! We're gorgeous women no matter what!

  16. NO ONE
    NO ONE says:

    Thank you for this video. please keep updating us on this matter, there are lot of people like you out there who need this. you are beautiful and brave <3

  17. NO ONE
    NO ONE says:

    I have PCOS too, my doctor told me (+ some research I did too) to STOP consuming
    dairy products, red meats, white bread, regular pasta, white rice, pizza dough, Cakes, candy, cookies, and other sweets, sweetened cereals, Yogurts with added sugar, ice cream with excess added sugar or sugar substitutes, Saturated fats (red and processed meats like fast food hamburgers)
    Trans fats (doughnuts, French fries, frozen pizza), Artificial or heavily processed cheeses

    Yogurts with added sugar
    , Ice creams with sugar alcohols or tons of added sugar
    things that are GOOD to eat:
    Legumes (black beans, lentils, chickpeas), Berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries), Whole Grains (bulgur, quinoa, brown rice, whole oats), Fruits (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), Vegetables (spinach, artichokes, kale)

    Whole Grains (whole oats, whole wheat, quinoa, brown rice), Unsaturated fats (nuts like pecans, nut butters, olive oil, avocado), Fish (salmon, shrimp, tuna, cod), Plant protein sources (beans, peas, tofu, tempeh), boiled eggs
    ETC…. you can search for more

    the doctor said I should keep working out a bit even at home and to take a walk regularly

    as for hair, it is a problem, I guess shaving makes it worse (at least for me), I only used a facial razor twice on my face and noticed it got bit worse ( it was a very sharp one), I thread and pluck my facial hair , the rest I try to epilate or wax…. they are not perfect, but yeah..that's what I do. if I ever try another method I'll let y'all know

    PS: my doctor put me on a special type of birth pills as med for pcos

  18. Ishu Sharma
    Ishu Sharma says:

    Hey girl.. Make sure to cure ur pcod first these symptoms will automatically reduce . I also suffered from pcod . But now m completely fine . Sending uh lots of positivity and love

  19. Mahealani C
    Mahealani C says:

    Thank you for doing this! You’re so brave and helped me! I’m struggling with this too and start laser treatment on the 28th. You made me feel so much better and less anxious. ❤️

  20. Hunny girl
    Hunny girl says:

    You are so strong for opening up about your vulnerabilities and sharing your journey with us. This is going to make encourage so many. You’re amazing bby girl and it’s clear that the process is working. I noticed a difference after the first appointment (not the consult).

  21. TheSultanV
    TheSultanV says:

    Ma'am, you're a very beautiful woman, almost as beautiful as your heart. You're stronger than you think. Your video helps a lot of women who are going through PCOS. You have NOTHING to be embarrassed about. Please keep us posted. Us fans only care about your happiness. Lots of love from Virginia.

  22. Abbey Brown
    Abbey Brown says:

    Liz, you are so brave for sharing something so personal to you and something that makes you feel vulnerable. You have always been and will always be beautiful, inside and out. ❤️❤️❤️

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