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Hey party people! Sorry that I look so haggard. I tore a ligament in my foot so it’s been rough. I refuse to re-record though just because I don’t like how I look.

Here are my updated thoughts on the BEAMIA AT HOME IPL HAIR REMOVAL DEVICE! I try to answer any questions that you have- so leave comments below and I will try my best to get back to you!

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Here in a more in-felt

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  1. xstrawxxxberryx
    xstrawxxxberryx says:

    Omg so I ended up buying it n the first try scared the crap outta me 😂 it was on three tho, just tried 4 n it ‘‘twas a lil warm. Never tried laser so this will be interesting lmao

  2. Mabel Reyes
    Mabel Reyes says:

    Muchísimas gracias, Marguerite. This review has been too much helpful to me.

    I do not speak English, but I will try to explain myself:
    I was wondering if can I use it daily in down intensity (3, rarely 4)? I have been using this device during 2 weeks, but I do not see results. Hair still growing too fast (as usual). 🙁

  3. xstrawxxxberryx
    xstrawxxxberryx says:

    I’m dealing with the same hormonal problems too! I hate it so much and came across this product. You’re video seriously help me decide cause there’s so many out there n then fake ones! When you use it on your face do you do the area once in a session or do you go over it twice or 3 times in a session?

  4. Xion Memoria
    Xion Memoria says:

    I have extremely pale skin and jet black hair. You can see my hair under my skin even if I'm clean shaven, so I'm planning to buy this and see if it will help me manage my underarm 5 o clock shadow. Thank you for the review!

  5. Karen Tyas
    Karen Tyas says:

    So, the paler my skin is the higher the level I SHOULD use or just CAN use?

    I had treatments done at a Medspa about 15 years ago for $3000 so when I saw this on Amazon for $80? I was in. The instruction booklets just leave me wanting and I can’t remember anything from 15 years ago. This video was a great refresher! Definitely going to schedule reminders in my phone to get the most out of my tiny investment.

  6. Cassie Balcom
    Cassie Balcom says:

    Ok so I am late to this party, but I am confused about how many times to use this per session. I know it's 3 times a week for the first 3-4 week session, but do you also go over the area three times each time you use it…so 9 times total per week? A little worried that my confusion may have caused me to be an over-eager beaver this first week I've tried it… 😅 Thank you so much for your videos on this product. I'm so happy my search for this info brought me to your channel because I love it! new subscriber!

  7. Kari Betz
    Kari Betz says:

    Hi I love your video I just purchased this and have done 2 treatment. I have pcos so I have a lot of unwanted facial hair. What you were saying about hormonal hair growth, will this make it worse for me?

  8. Sofia Fortuno
    Sofia Fortuno says:

    Hello! If I've been using the product consistently three times a week for the recommended 4 week period but see minimal/no results, should I keep up the three times per week schedule until I notice a difference or just go down to two times per week as recommended by the manual? You have such a lovely voice and presence by the way!

  9. Liz Irvine
    Liz Irvine says:

    Heya, thank you for your honest review. There’s so many damn options out there and it’s like ‘aaahhhh!’
    Yes Dustin Hoffman played the baddie Hook in the film Hook.
    By the way you have lovely skin! Enjoyed your candour and self-effacing humour, as a New Zealander it’s in our DNA 😆

  10. Janelle Parish
    Janelle Parish says:

    I just got this and watched your video to help me in usage. But I never see a light like yours did even when I have it against skin. I'm wondering if mine is defective? It looked like yours flashed bright.

  11. LSav
    LSav says:

    Is it fine to use this over freckles? Also is it ok to use it over cuts/acne? Also how do you turn it off and switch it to slide mode? I can’t figure it out at all.

  12. Damla Öztürk
    Damla Öztürk says:

    Hello, I am not good at the language you speak, but I translate the speech from Google Translate .. and I want to buy this device … I think you are using this device for 6 months, is not it? I want to ask, is it really good ?? Can you tell me about your written experience in order to translate it on Google, and how much benefit you got from%

  13. Angela Elmore
    Angela Elmore says:

    I'm so glad you did these videos I bought it an it sat on my vanity cause I was scared to use it. Its very easy to use an im type 1 albino so I took your advice an did it on level 5. Since I cant go to my spa I love this

  14. Emily Fernandez
    Emily Fernandez says:

    Hi, loved this review!! I’m curious about the skin tone as well. I have a similar skin tone to Mila Kunis’ when she’s a bit tanner. Would I be fine using this on level 5?

  15. Babyyy
    Babyyy says:

    hey! has it worked well? i’m debating on getting it but i’m not sure if its worth it or not or if i should get another brand.. can you help me out?

  16. Jenn C
    Jenn C says:

    This is the most helpful review I have seen on this. I’m SO surprised you have to be clean shaved. I’ve had it professionally done and they require 3 days hair growth. Thanks for the info!

  17. Brylee Loverde
    Brylee Loverde says:

    Hi! I just got this and it is counting down from 999,999 but there is no light when I use it and it feels like nothing? Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

  18. liz c
    liz c says:

    Hi, I was wondering about the skin tone? Can you provide a picture or example of what are the tones that could be used for this IPL? My skin tone(color) is a tad lighter than Rosario Dawson.

  19. Becca Swanson
    Becca Swanson says:

    Hi, first off all, ur fun. Can u answer this? I'm confused about the 3 flashes in one spot. Can I just hold it in one spot and flash 3 times. Or do I need to go over everything once, then twice, then a third time?

  20. wahiba T
    wahiba T says:

    Hi. I have a home hair removal device from the brand wetty and I am afraid to try. If you have information, advise me of it. Also, is there a difference between women’s and men's devices?

  21. Shabz Vlogz
    Shabz Vlogz says:

    Thankyou so much for this review. I ordered mine today n hopefully doll b consistent. I bleach my facial face to hide the hair. Do I shave my face including side burns ist and then use IPL?
    Thanks again for this video.

  22. Tess G
    Tess G says:

    i just stumbled across this video after wanting to get this product and i really enjoy your content!! It feels like i’m chatting with a girlfriend at lunch or something 🥺❤️

  23. Amy Dammon
    Amy Dammon says:

    Do you know if the light will bust up any of my unwanted hyperpigmentation caused by hormones? Fair skin and dark hair, just like you.

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