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9. The Ordinary Buffet Serum

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Dr Vanita Rattan’s channel is dedicated to Weekly teaching for skin of colour.
Skin of colour suffers with different issues to caucasian skin and requires different products, routines and treatments.

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How to wear Vitamin A in skin of colour?

Is niacinamide good for skin of colour?

How to use Vitamin C in skin of colour?

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How to get Glowing skin?

Eczema Skincare Routine by Dr V

Eczema Tips for Skin of colour: rosacea rosacea treatment acne rosacea treat rosacea naturally rosacea skin care

31 replies
  1. Chat Perocho
    Chat Perocho says:

    Love your videos esp since I am Asian!

    I also love the BUDGET DERMATOLOGISTS (she's caucasian) ANTI AGING SKIN CARE in youtube. I hope you can react to her video so that we know the modifications we can do for our skin. I am really confused where to place the VIt C in a skin care routime… Would be so looking forward! Thanks!

  2. Arlene Albite
    Arlene Albite says:

    Hi Dr V 😊 i am just wondering, i thought you cannot combine Vit C with Niacinamides / Peptides which i saw on your other video. And on this video, you combine them all

  3. mariam c
    mariam c says:

    PLEASE PLEASE can you make a video or reply to me explaining an every day routine for anti aging but where you use sunblock. I don't understand because you say that we need vitamin c, salicylic acid, hyrolonic acid, your recommended cetraben moisturiser, and vitamin E too AND an spf 50. And if I put on foundation aswell? Then how do I do allll of that in a daily routine? please can you help thanks

  4. mauwiee
    mauwiee says:

    I'm confused. You said at the end that layering actives wasn't a good idea, but isn't that what The Ordinary Series is? So we SHOULDN'T buy that? Also can you suggest a regimen for me? I'm 35, asian, looking for affordable options. Skin concerns in order of importance: 1) dark scar on nose bridge from a scratch 2) sun spots 3) fine lines along forehead, eyes, neck 4) large pores & blackheads on nose. Thank you so much!!

  5. Soorya Sunil
    Soorya Sunil says:

    1. Use sunscreen.
    2.Vit A, E and C
    3. Start eat ing grapes
    4. Green tea
    5. Fresh orange juice -first thing in the morning.
    6. Reduce sugar intake
    7. Increase intake of onion,ginger and garlic.
    8.Vit A-Retinol
    9. Reduce stress-sleep more(7-8 hours), massage, Vit C
    10. Start eating mushroom(ergothioneine)
    10. Ferulic acid, licorice extract and green tea extract.

  6. joan nabwire
    joan nabwire says:

    I started watching your video recently and thumbs up for the good work,am using a body wash with the following ingredients sodium palmate, sodium Palm stearate, sodium Palm kernealate,aqua, glycerin,aloe barbdensis, perfume,tetra sodium EDTA, titanium dioxide, antioxidants,tri chloro carbonilide(0.5) please highlight any negative If any.

  7. Renita
    Renita says:

    Should we be doing all of this during the AM or PM? And should we be using everything you’ve recommended if we can’t find the the anti-aging serum?

  8. Kamala Satheerthyan
    Kamala Satheerthyan says:

    Dr, with due respect let me tell you, Vitamin A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins. "Vitamin A" is not water soluble. Vitamin C and B complex are water soluble vitamins

  9. Anastasya G
    Anastasya G says:

    I don't know how I came across her video but im so so so thankful I did! keep doing you doctor and thank you for your awesome videos! <3

  10. niharika garg
    niharika garg says:

    Hello Dr. Ratan! I love all your videos, They are so elaborate and trustworthy as you explain every ingredient in detail and their significance. I follow the skin routine suggested by you and I have to say, it works quite well. I wanted to ask you if you can suggest a routine for damaged and loose skin, My mother's skin is very sensitive, oily and seems damaged and loose. She is 52, Do you have recommendation. I would highly appreciate this . Thank you in advance!

  11. Kumari Ubhayasekera
    Kumari Ubhayasekera says:

    Vitamins are classified as either fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E, and K) or water-soluble (vitamins B and C). Please correct it. I like your videos but incorrect information needs to be corrected.

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