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salmon recipe

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32 replies
  1. Laura Christoffel
    Laura Christoffel says:

    Your message at the end is exactly why I love your videos. You’re so real and inspiring. I just wanted to send you some friendly encouragement that your message really helped my mindset today and feeling better because I struggle with body image so much. Thank you for looking out for us and sharing your own experiences! We love you!!💕🤗

  2. Allison Devaney
    Allison Devaney says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the purpose behind these videos. I’m about your age and live on my own, and I def need ideas on new meals to incorporate into my life!!! Chicken and rice can only go so far for so long 🥵

  3. Shannon Miller
    Shannon Miller says:

    Gretchen, I LOVE Hello Fresh because of you! I did it for a few months in 2019 and just started ordering it again. On the weeks you order it, you should post on instagram which meals you're getting or if there's any in that week that you love and would suggest!

  4. Julia Johnson
    Julia Johnson says:

    It's so refreshing to see how balanced your relationship with food is!!! I love that you don't cut anything out of your diet and allow yourself to enjoy more "fun" foods without guilt or shame 🙂

  5. Brooklyn Wilson
    Brooklyn Wilson says:

    Those chocolate croissants are a dream, it's like a Starbucks in your kitchen! I love how at the end of the video you mentioned in your intention for this video, I totally agree that everyone's bodies are beautiful and you should just eat what makes you happy! Sending lots of love and hugs your way! You are such an angel Gretchen!

  6. Katie Lanahan
    Katie Lanahan says:

    You are SUCH a genuine and kind soul!!! Spreading so much light, being so raw and real, and empowering as heck regarding food relationships and body image. You rock, never change, Gretchen for President!

  7. bonnie mansmith
    bonnie mansmith says:

    Gretchen I love you so much! Your videos always make me happy and feel so seen because you’re so real and relatable, I always feel like I’m just on FaceTime with a close friend ❤️ thank you so much for putting out the content you do and always being authentic, sending you so much love ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Morgan Hutchison
    Morgan Hutchison says:

    Not me crying at 12:36 in the afternoon hearing an influencer says those things 🥺💖 thank you for putting more body positivity into the social media world, you’ve helped me and countless others ✨

  9. Cordelia
    Cordelia says:

    LOVED and needed to hear everything you said at the end, and believe me when I say I´m always happy after seeing a video/picture you post <3

  10. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    have you thought about maybe not doing "what I eat in a day" and not using that in the title? like, if you want to share a salmon recipe or recommend a product like poppi, you can do that without filming a whole day as it is kind of inevitable that it will lead to comparison for some impressionable people? I mean, I enjoy watching but I sometimes feel the negative disordered thoughts taking notes, even subconsciously… maybe think about a creative way you could share the yummy recipes, delicious foods etc. in a way that just isn't a whole day of eating and isn't called WIEIAD? 🙂

  11. Brett Biegler
    Brett Biegler says:

    Gretchen, woah. This is why i tell all my friends that they should watch your videos! Thank you for always being you and being the most real girl I’ve ever watched, I truly hope you know how much of an amazing impact you put on us girls cause we all struggle sometimes❤️😇your truly one in a million and I just hope that one day I get the chance to meet you!

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