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This Korean skincare routine will teach you how to make an oil cleanser, water cleanser, exfoliator, toner, sheet mask, moisturiser and eye cream all from totally natural ingredients that are specific to your skin type!

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49 replies
  1. saanvi kulkarni
    saanvi kulkarni says:

    Hi Glamrs!
    I've been following this routine since a few days.. My skin is definitely feeling much better! Thank you so much for the video💜
    I just wanted to know that how many times should I perform this skincare in a week/day?
    Waiting for your reply🙂

  2. Pramila Mane
    Pramila Mane says:

    😃🥰I'm gonna follow these all tips …to achieve flawless skin🌈 like🥰 Korean…….. thank you team glamrs..✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  3. Priyanka Ranjan
    Priyanka Ranjan says:

    Can make video on "KOREAN NIGHT SKIN CARE ROUTINE" please please please please…
    I really want Korean glass skin and I 'm trying from this video everything on my face …
    WOW ! I'm so happy with the result 💕💕

  4. borsas rooted life
    borsas rooted life says:

    Can i use honey as a moisturizer??
    After useing moisturiser after a time our skin being oily
    We can't use face wash more than 3times in a day
    And i have an ichiness with honey what should i do??

  5. Spindira Bai
    Spindira Bai says:

    Glamrs is aloe vera gel recommended for combo skin or normal store bought moisturizers are better..if i use aloe on face , will it promote the growth of facila hair

  6. Spindira Bai
    Spindira Bai says:

    Really a great video!!
    Glamrs is it good for combination skin to use oil cleansers. Or should i use a normal cleanser. I hv tiny bumps /acne on forehead. And can u recommend which will be the best oil for my skin type


    hello team Glamrs…..
    you are really amazing
    can you please tell me how often should I do this to get glass skin and could you tell any other alternatives for chamomile tea and lavender oil?
    hope will the response soon.

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