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♡ W H E R E T O F I N D M E

♡ S u b s c r I b e:

♡ B E C O M E A P A T R E O N:

♡ S P O T I F Y : Tcooley1

♡ S n a p c h a t: Tcooley97

♡ I n s t a g r a m:

♡ T w I t t e r :

b u s I n e s s I n q u I r e s
♡ E m a I l :

F A Q :
W h a t c a m e r a d o y o u u s e ?
Canon rebel T6i & Canon g7x mark 2

W h a t e d I t I n g s o f t w a r e d o y o u u s e ?
Final cut pro

H o w o l d a r e y o u ?

31 replies
  1. Abba Abba
    Abba Abba says:

    I just order it and Now I just want 1 clear answer please 🥺 Should I do this every week for First 8 weeks and after that Twice a month ? Please anybody help me reply me

  2. Ruby ponce
    Ruby ponce says:

    Ive been using it for over a month and i see no difference but i started on my whole body on level one and now im level 2…..should i go to the highest level now?

  3. K K
    K K says:

    I just saw an add on Instagram that looked intriguing but I thought its a scam. It was on sale as well. But after watching your video I ordered it. Thanks for the code, it still worked. I got it for 113$ ☺

  4. A J
    A J says:

    I just purchased during their super sale on the website for $100 and I am excited to try it~! I've struggled with my under arm hair that all grows back in one day. It's so frustrating and I really hope this product helps~!

  5. EzSkAnKeN
    EzSkAnKeN says:

    My wife is a true/real blonde. Her hair on arms, face, and legs are blonde as well. Does it say anywhere in the device literature about working on blonde/light hair? I know lasers don’t work on her, but maybe this IPL can?

  6. Hélène Mattenet
    Hélène Mattenet says:

    Thank you so much for the discount. It works just fine!!! I just ordered it, I hope it works on me!! Also, thanks for the review, all the best. (Do not care of how you look, you’re beautiful, if people don’t like, people should pass his way..)

  7. m q
    m q says:

    I’m curious there are so many brands out there, some more pricey than others like Silkn and Kenzzi…
    I purchased the roseskinco because I saw great reviews on it so im just curious as to how they differ and what not. Kenzzi is more expensive does it mean its faster? Just curious!

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