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Today’s video is a drag queen special and as I’m an old drag makeup artist I thought it would be great to give some hints and tips about makeup as these experts show you their looks. I would not give any critiques just some commentary haha! All positivity.

To further clarify the mention about trans vs drag, drag for me is a queer art form that celebrates the ability to create a visual identity that people can perform in, so that’s all different manner of performance. Today drag can be on stage, in a club, in a bar, on instagram or youtube. Being trans, my journey has meant that I grew up with a medical condition called gender dysphoria that was a side effect of being in a gender grey area. My body produced no testosterone and transitioned naturally, so I had to contend with fighting to get some basic help to make me feel like I was ‘living’ in a body that worked, let alone looked like who I was meant to be.

I never had a clear grounding in my body, and I’ve always been hesitant to rush medical intervention, so I used art and makeup to mask the scars that I have endured during my journey to reach an autonomous space. I do not rush this process, I am taking day by day to figure out what would work best for me, and I would never consider there to be a performance aspect in what I do, at all. So it’s a different road with some lovely parallels, but it’s worth pointing out to well meaning audience member, that comparing someone who is transgender to someone who is drag, can deny their experience of transition. Which we obviously don’t want to do when we’re working so hard on getting there! What a superstar GotMik is and so excited to see his journey!

So the videos I was sent to react to were –
GotMik –
Aiden Zhane –
Jaida Hall –

I’m a massive fan of Got Mik, Jaida Hall and I now am a fan of Aiden Zhane so I gave some makeup tips rather than criticisms of their awesome looks haha. If you guys want some more rag focused videos let me know.

Also quick mention of the lovely Milk who’s makeup I did, photographed by Greg Bailey.

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