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49 replies
  1. Jen Zaragoza
    Jen Zaragoza says:

    I think you are so much more beautiful than that person. She is the typical Instagram looking model, which not to be mean but is so fake looking and I don’t really like her personality. Very full of herself. Please realize how beautiful you are!!! You are soooo beautiful

  2. 1818kitten
    1818kitten says:

    Only thing I didn’t like was how you kept putting yourself down. You are gorgeous! And look just as pretty as Madison but it your own way. Please don’t demean yourself like that

  3. Danni Ginkova
    Danni Ginkova says:

    I came across this video by chance. I'm sure I'm not the target demographic considering I'm 25 and I don't wear any makeup. But I wish to add a comment here, because I find it sad to see such a beautiful girl putting herself down and saying she's not pretty and would never go out without make up because she doesn't look the same way as a supermodel with an unlimited budget to spend on skin care and professional help and procedures. You don't need make up, if you love wearing it and it's your hobby go for it, but don't think that you need it to look good. You look very pretty without it.
    And one especially crucial factor is that you are still 15/16. Girl at this age still have "baby fat" and childlike features. Don't compare yourself to a 20-something woman. Your face shape will change as well once you reach that age. You will look more like an adult and your face will become more mature and feminine. Most important thing you must focus on is maintaining you skins health. Damage you do right now by using so much make up is not reversable.

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