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37 replies
  1. Yeomy Park
    Yeomy Park says:

    If i had pimple, i just wash my face thoroughly with soap and water, 3 times in that day. Then the next day, the pimples will just vanish naturally. Why do you have to pop it, it usually result to acne scars

  2. Urmi Samia
    Urmi Samia says:

    Tip/advice for the first 2 video…don't ever pop them out,this will create Marks of acne for a long time like 2 to 3 months,when A pimple comes onto ur skin just wait for it to turn mature, like let be like that for a few days then when it will be old enough it will come out naturally(don't ever use nails or sharp objects on ur skin please)when it will come out there will be no redness,no clotted blood no marks of acne.

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