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Hey everyone!

Today I’m doing a review/first impression of the new SOL self tanner by Jergens. You can pick it up at CVS, Target, Ulta, Walgreens for a very affordable price especially if you have a coupon like me.

Here are my thoughts and how it turned out for me 🙂
Thanks so much for watching!

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16 replies
  1. Daughter Of Zion
    Daughter Of Zion says:

    I know that my fave tanner isn’t drug store but skinny tan is soooooo good but when I’m out O use the jergen’s natural glow but I’m gonna try this next time!

  2. T W
    T W says:

    Did you also use this self tanner for your face? Or a different one for your face? Did it cause any reaction on your face? I also have sensitive skin

  3. Amanda Hudson
    Amanda Hudson says:

    I just bought some from wal-mart. I’m getting a little older and don’t really want to use the tanning bed anymore so I want to give this a try. I haven’t tanned in over a year so I got the medium. Thanks for the review!🤞🏼

  4. Butterfli Princess
    Butterfli Princess says:

    If you are gonna apply to face please don’t make the mistake of applying it to your face and not your ears and blending it into your hairline so it can look natural don’t forget your nose your below the eyebrows under the eyes because you will end up looking like trump in the face. don’t forget your back area above your butt and get ur butt cheeks. I think due to her using the other tanner maybe the reason why it came out patchy but then again exfoliate the tanner off if you ever get an error just take some body oil it will come off I did 2 days of tanner and I am good and make sure you look real good at which one you get I have medium you can wash the mitt but don’t wash it with your clothes and air dry I know some people threw the plastic wrapper away.

  5. Butterfli Princess
    Butterfli Princess says:

    When using it for the first time make sure you exfoliate before use tree hut is amazing to use!!!!! you will get some blue residue from the mitt I just had a dry wash cloth to wipe it off just like she mentioned in the video I applied from the left leg on up not the top of your body the work down that’s just me just pump then rub into body like you would wash your body.

  6. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    Thank you for making this review, definitely haven't spotted many so I appreciate this one! Excited to try mine especially now knowing what to keep an extra eye on while applying! 🙂

  7. Liliana Herrera
    Liliana Herrera says:

    Girl!!! This review is made for me!! I have really dry skin AND eczema just like you and Ive been waiting for a review for this for a while! THANK YOU!!

  8. Holly Quaid
    Holly Quaid says:

    Where did you get that mit? I want to try this stuff now! Can never find the right self tanner being so fair complected. I would love to see your skincare routine & also makeup tutorials 🤩

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