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I burned my leg using an at home ipl laser hair remover by Lux Skin! It was painful and it scarred so bad. Here’s my video explaining how it happened and how long it’s taking to heal. I’m also sharing what I used immediately after and how I’m treating my scars. If you’re curious about laser hair removal treatment devices than watch this video!

My 1 Month Update BEFORE I burned my skin:
How I’m treating my dark scars and ingrown hairs

If you want to use the same treatment I did, check out my skincare section in my amazon faves list:

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0:00 Intro
1:15 How I got burned
4:10 How the brand responded
5:12 What I’m using to heal my scars
6:57 2 Month Update underarms
7:39 2 Month Update bikini area
9:27 10/25 burn update
11:05 10/31 burn update

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46 replies
  1. fey 28
    fey 28 says:

    Guyss, i just got the burns an hour ago, have bio oil in my storage, started to put bio oil all over my burns, within an hour i can see the redness fading away!…

  2. Robselys Arocha
    Robselys Arocha says:

    This videos is sooo important. Thank you very much for sharing your experience I had no idea of this issue and definitely should be more clear on the description of the product. I hope you’re good right now🤍

  3. Wilson S.
    Wilson S. says:

    You shouldn't continue to use it since you think you deserve a refund. I would make you send it back for a refund🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Shilpa Rao
    Shilpa Rao says:

    I too have this product. I am darker skin and do have very hairy legs and all I have been doing it on level 1 for 5 months and it has worked well. 80 % hair reduction but I have been shaving every week and using it even though it's slowed the growth. Keep using it on the lower levels and see. I took precautions started with legs and arms then tried under arms then upper lips and face and finally the down under and since it's darker down there it snaps and all but nothing damaging. Stay on level 1 andcdo it consistently. It works

  5. Tonya Butler
    Tonya Butler says:

    I had the same one and it burned me a little on my leg when I went to level 3. Groupon ended up having a great deal for the bikini and underarms for a six sessions.I’m on session 5 and my underarms haven’t really grown back at all. I see a big difference in the bikini area…it’s really working. Maybe Groupon may have a deal in your area. I’m a woman of color also.

  6. MiMi Star
    MiMi Star says:

    I have had both professional laser hair removal and ILP on my legs, bikini and under arm and it took over six months before I saw results, due to the hair growth cycle.

    As it is an at home device it will definitely take more than two months before you get significant reduction, I would say try for at least 6 months.

  7. Joyann W
    Joyann W says:

    I asked the company if this products is good enough for women with melanin .. they said that it’s not .. but they plan to make a product for women of color in the future

  8. Latrice Collins
    Latrice Collins says:

    The only issue I have with this review is that she blamed the company and product when it seems more like it was user error .so anyone that could use it and be happy just got a bad review based solely on the user not taking any responsibility instead of more of a warning about not going up higher than needed .

  9. claudynn1
    claudynn1 says:

    I have the same problem and I still used on level 3 and they desapear after 3 weeks, the same light help to fade the dark marks, also exfoliate with AHA once a week, hope this help you

  10. Shari T
    Shari T says:

    Sheesh! I'm glad your skin is on the mend! I have a different brand device [Feeke] and there's no pain sensation at all other than heat. I had actual in clinic laser done years ago, and there was a definite slight pain with the 'zaps'. I have to wonder if my device is doing any good. I know the at home ipl's are not nearly as strong as laser, but I don't want to waste my time with it, either.

  11. Janell Anderson
    Janell Anderson says:

    For the ones saying it’s her fault because of her skin tone, do y’all realize she’s not that damn dark right 🙄 and if you look at other reviews it’s people lighter than her that have burns.

  12. Angelique Yaz
    Angelique Yaz says:

    I did my arms, legs and thighs the same today and you won't believe how I look like I have purple burn marks all over my body (They were pink for the first few hours and now they're turning purple). They are so painful, they don't even let me sleep (reason I'm here at 5 am).I've done laser treatments before with another device that was like $600 and this never happened to me. I purchased this one because it was only $59 and there was so much hype about it. So I said hey I should give it a try so that I don't waste the lights in my other device. My advice to anyone looking into these devices is to invest on a better device and don't risk getting severely burned with these cheap ones. Now I'm looking into scars all over my legs, thighs and arms that I know will take many months to clear up. Btw my skin complexion is very similar to Jennifer lopez so you have an idea.

  13. Ana M
    Ana M says:

    They have a color chart, me being a person of color, I wouldn't go to the company saying it messed up my skin, you're a black women setting it on high heat knowing there is consequences. I'm even scared to use it on areas of my body where it's darker. So I'm not sure if it's really the company's fault. Am I missing some false advertisement or something? Did they say it's okay for black ppl to use it on high setting? Even i know that's a no no

  14. ariana ruiz
    ariana ruiz says:

    There is different phototype for a certain level like phototype 1, phototype 2, phototype 3A – 3B, phototype 4 and phototype 5 …

  15. tata2288
    tata2288 says:

    I think that you shouldn’t do upper levels on dark skin, I think the color of her skin is the main reason that she burned herself

  16. L S
    L S says:

    the exact same thing happened to me when i tried level 5 but my marks were worse i had literal purple bruises on my body. keep in mind im arab so im considered tan

  17. Nathalie Rey
    Nathalie Rey says:

    But knowing dark skin and lasers do not mix, why go to level 4? It is not about getting used to the laser. Your skin is your skin. The brand is a problem for not making it crystal clear that dark skin should NEVER exceed level 2 or 3. They should provide a color key.

  18. LadyLight
    LadyLight says:

    If you scarred your legs in ANY WAY. From personal experience just KEEP EXFOLIATING, KEEP EXFOLIATING, and KEEP EXFOLIATING, daily to speed up the process! And of course moisturizer. Your scars WILL DISAPPEAR. Trust me. Dont worry,Ladies.

  19. Carson
    Carson says:

    Thank youuuuu for sharing this! I figured it was too good to be true, but I almost let the marketing get me! From what I’ve read, the YAG laser is best for our skin. Seasonal discounts and Groupon deals make professional laser pretty reasonable. Wishing you the best! 🖤

  20. Amber Montgomery
    Amber Montgomery says:

    Oh wow. Those burns are kinda bad. Its awful that they didnt educate you that the higher levels arent good for your skin tone. Burns are common among darker skin tones and thats why its not recommend. Im surprised it wasnt in the instructions of use.

  21. Rachel Kropp
    Rachel Kropp says:

    I mean they did say that it's not suited to dark skin tones so technically it's not on them, especially since they said it can cause burns on dark skin tones. Hope the scars continue to fade.

  22. San Yantanar
    San Yantanar says:

    Is it good ipl to use home self?How about bikini area?I've got super thick legs hair and underarm hair. If I use this it will be helpful?

  23. MochaxMatcha
    MochaxMatcha says:

    So you went above what the instructions told you, got burned, and now you want you money back for user error? Or was there something actually wrong with the product? 😮

  24. MrKenDenis
    MrKenDenis says:

    Hi lovely. I’m so sorry to hear you experienced the burns from the machine. I work as an aesthetics nurse here in Australia and based on the footage I think you’ve got PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) it’s a pretty common response of the skin after any sort of trauma. Think of like a pimple that goes red and even if you don’t pop it it sometimes just goes brown. Essentially the skin is stained for a bit and will gradually lighten over time. Using a physical exfoliator, a glycolic acid cream and vitamin C creams should help peel and brighten the skin back to normal sooner ❤️ hope this helps

  25. Avocado on Everything
    Avocado on Everything says:

    Wow girl that's absolutely insane! Thank you being transparent and telling us about your experience. Glad your scars are fading, I totally get how this could've had major consequences in your career. Hope you get that refund soon! And btw I need to try that shea butter, I need extra moisture in my skin because of eczema.

  26. Katrina S
    Katrina S says:

    this is WILD – I hope you're healing alright girl, sheesh!! glad you reached out to the brand and gave them authentic feedback. I had a small scar on my stomach from a mole removal (lol) and they recommended cocoa and shea butter also!! I used it religiously and it definitely made a difference. thanks for this HONEST review and update – hope your scarring continues to fade!!

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