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34 replies
  1. Jasmine G
    Jasmine G says:

    I love oakley’s little lamb cries. Love those whitefox shorts. Chloe ting’s fat loss challenge has been kicking my butt.

  2. Johnnel Adderley
    Johnnel Adderley says:

    Oakley's is just too cute for words and those eyes are the dreamiest😌!!!
    That Huda Beauty palette is so beautiful 😍…and the Boho Rob is so pretty, I know the girls are going to love them👌🏾.
    Fantastic vlog my friend ❤️. Take care, keep safe and enjoy your the rest of your day 🤗💕.

  3. elle_lc
    elle_lc says:

    Such a handsome little baby Oakley!! He is precious! You look beautiful Sadie. I really like your new carpet 🙂 and the wedding seems it will come out so beautiful, and rustic I guess, I am totally into this style!

  4. Sheila Krisma
    Sheila Krisma says:

    lol Oakley is too cute I cant believe how fast he is growing ! Yes that is definitely early for rolling over and you look amazing lady! ❤ i love ur wedding decor ideas .. i had a rustic wedding theme for mine also i wish i would have done a naked cake looks so pretty!

  5. Kayla Renee
    Kayla Renee says:

    It gets better! I honestly had a rough start with the newborn stage but now my baby is almost 5 months old and we have a little routine now! Every baby is different and that’s something I’ve learned with my mom friends so you’ll have your own little routine with little man I promise! Don’t be hard on yourself. Take time and do what you can when you can girl! 💕

  6. M Yt
    M Yt says:

    Poshmark please! Lots of clothes get thrown out when donated due to the high volume of donations places get. Or donate directly to women’s shelters where they will definitely get used.

  7. Jenny Bates
    Jenny Bates says:

    Loved this vlog! You're doing such a great job with Oakley. He's such a good baby! I am loving all the stuff you got from the Sephora sale, I only placed 1 order but you got some good stuff. Can't wait to see a lot more of your wedding prep, the theme is so pretty and dreamy.

  8. Tammy Mango
    Tammy Mango says:

    The wedding inspiration is beautiful! Love the robes, so nice! Looks like Oakley is ready for the swing! My son was active early & he loved music toys too. Baby Einstein videos were his favorite, do they still have those? Getting that routine will make you & Oakley always ready for the day!🥰❤️🙏🙏🙏

  9. JoDenise00
    JoDenise00 says:

    Your wedding is going to be beautiful!!!
    Ugh and I just want to squeeze Oakley he’s sooo adorable!! We have been using tubby Todd forever! My little one has eczema!

  10. KarinaAnn KS
    KarinaAnn KS says:

    Definitely need a baby swing and bouncer (they have space saving ones now that are both and you just take it out of the swing part. 💯 think he would relax in a swing if he likes allot of movement

  11. Lisa Rose
    Lisa Rose says:

    You are doing so amazing with Oakley and you are so good with Teddy too. I love ❤️ to see all the goodies you buy and looking forward to more wedding planning. And yes do a posh mark again.

  12. Kayla Fogarty
    Kayla Fogarty says:

    How did you like that youth to the people mask girl? I bought it too and I think it helps! Also you need to check out the new too faced lip injection lipsticks! 😍

  13. Jennifer C
    Jennifer C says:

    Thanks for showing us ur closet. If u haven’t done so already we would like to see what ur getting rid of and what ur donating, etc

  14. polochic314
    polochic314 says:

    Not sure if you have a baby swing. If not I’d highly recommend one. It was the only way I was able to put my son down and get things done. Also my dog didn’t want to mess with him in there so that was a plus!

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