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In this video, I am showing you how I recreated Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s makeup looks in their bomb music video Rain on Me. The first two looks are my interpretations of white graphic winged eyeliners on the artists, and the last look is my own look inspired by the crystal tears in the video, using the Haus labs Stupid Love Palette.
**I made a stupid mistake while editing so the quality of the video is a bit lower than I wanted it to. Please pardon!

Pastel Cloud Moon Makeup:
ABG Transformation:
April Favourites:
Spicy Noodle Challenge + Makeup :

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42 replies
  1. Leon
    Leon says:

    Looking forward to seeing some more of your videos!! You deserve more views. Did you ever check followsm . c o m!!? You could use it to help get your videos higher in the search results!

  2. gabriella craan
    gabriella craan says:

    okay shoutout to you for doing 3 LOOKS omg!!😍😭🔥 & I agree about haus labs needing to release a white liner omg, they would've been making SO much money!!!

  3. Magandita Fit
    Magandita Fit says:

    i have been watching the music video rain on me many times this days, and girl this looks of make up…. you literally nailed it!😍😍😍😍👏😍👏

  4. sonya maya
    sonya maya says:

    Wow I love your blending skills especially with the blue under the eye. If I tried this it prob wouldn’t turn out so flawless! Great video love

  5. Mary B.
    Mary B. says:

    Girl you are D E D I C A T E D ! Doing makeup at 3:40AM! WOW!… They’re all pretty good but I love the last look best xx

  6. The Curvy Cuban
    The Curvy Cuban says:

    What a fun concept! I had never heard of this look, but when doing your Seo, I realized how popular it is and that I must have been sleeping under a rock! Lmao I love doing out of the box looks, I love graphic liners, but my eye shape isn’t conducive to making them look good. Your looks are all fantastic, the gemstones are everything! 😍😍😍

  7. Tiffany Eubanks
    Tiffany Eubanks says:

    You are SO cute!!!! This is so impressive that you were able to do 3 looks in this 24 minute video. You are absolutely stunning and talented! 😍 the Ariana grande look is so pretty. I love the filled in one side and the espy other side.

    RANDULAA says:

    Girl you fastttt. I was thinking in my head after I read the title woah she's going to do not 1 not 2 but 3 Looks!! And you said the same thing on the video as I was thinking that! I was like😳👀 annyywayyy i love listening to you talk😍 you did great!

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