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Hi guys!
I’m back with another highly requested video HOW TO GET RID OF BODY HAIR PERMANENTLY.
in this video I tested out at home laser treatment and I can’t believe how amazing it worked for me

This video is sponsored by CrystalSkinCo & my opinions are a 100% authentic

Hope this video helped ❤️
#permanenthairremoval​ #hairremoval

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Thanks for watching my video ❤️
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39 replies
  1. Ellie Colix
    Ellie Colix says:

    Luv ur videos most satisfying
    Honest videos honest reviews
    U r very good girl luv it totally
    I have a request please make a video on removing facial hairs permanently
    Something for that reduce facial hairs slowly nd gradually it will remove permanently
    Humble request plz plz plzzzz make a video on it ❤️

  2. Anvee more
    Anvee more says:

    She : GOOD MORNING … GOOD EVENING … GOOD NIGHT …. or whatever time you are watching this ….
    Me : ( sobs in the corner watching this at 12:30 pm( indian timing … It's afternoon right now ) … Oh okay … I get that.. fine …•́ ‿ ,•̀…

  3. Asmitha
    Asmitha says:

    I am having too much(scary)hair on my face.i was literally done with this hair.let me know is this really permanent hair removal?.if it is permanent removal in how many months I should do?

  4. Sony_ LE-4
    Sony_ LE-4 says:

    Is it useful for dark skinned people???
    I heard that the laser remover attracts the melanin in our skin… Though it damages the skin cells.

  5. Amy
    Amy says:

    Hi, do you need to get professional laser treatment before using this as maintenance or you can use it fresh from the start of removing your hair without getting professional treatment??. please answer me

  6. Manasi Seshadri
    Manasi Seshadri says:

    Heyy @nimeshaaa.. just a query, can you use this laser machine on your face as well? Wouldnt shaving your face (as a girl) prove to be fatal?
    And alsoo, I absolutely love your channel ♥️💯

  7. Aysha Mosleh
    Aysha Mosleh says:

    Are you sure this device works for the dark skinned girls?
    I mean there r some device which actually leaves some marks on the body and don't work for dark skinned girls…
    I want to try this…but I'm scared if this is gonna work for me… i too am a dark skinned girl

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