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How do you stop face mask acne? It’s one of the most talked about skincare questions ever since we started wearing face masks on a regular basis to protect each other from COVID-19 (coronavirus). Watch this video to see the skincare routine I created to help prevent and get rid of acne breakouts caused by face masks. You’ll also get my recommendations for moisturizers to use for your skin type!

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31 replies
  1. Waleed Saleh M
    Waleed Saleh M says:

    I have a oily and acne prone skin
    I had a bad irritation from tretinoin
    I start using urea 5% as an moisturizer it's month a go I still have v dehydrated and patchy skin should I continue or stop using it?

  2. Rymssx
    Rymssx says:

    Yess, i tried changing to bigger, wider mask and it helps with the irritation. Finding the right type of mask for you is really important, i can't use those disposable ones because they're very irritating to me

  3. McKinley Benson
    McKinley Benson says:

    I really appreciate that you show skincare options for different skin types and skin needs. Even within the same skincare step. Not many people would be like "here's my product, but if you have different needs try this other brand's product." It's nice to watch a video that is honest and considers the range of skincare needs. Also, I'm definitely going to check out your brand! That niacinamide gel cream is calling to me…

  4. Summer Raines
    Summer Raines says:

    That thing.. reminds me of something. But! I have a similar product that I use to clean my dishes and it gets all nasty. Do we need to replace the head on that thing?

  5. Abby G-A
    Abby G-A says:

    Thank you, Susan! But the Naturium Ceramide Cream is sold out. When do you think it will be back in stock. I'm very eager to try it.

  6. Su Rhim
    Su Rhim says:

    I just finished the niacinamide gel cream and I highly recommend it! It def helps with my acne and oil control throughout the day with mask on 9 hours a day, I just bought the 10% serum.

  7. Molly Tuberose
    Molly Tuberose says:

    Cerave Healing Ointment is my absolute favorite product. I get rashes from chemicals and materials I machine at work and ever since I found CHO not only was my terrible rash healed (I even had bruising from it) within 3 days but I haven’t had one since! I wear a mask for 9+ hours a day and the heat/humidity gets to be over 100 in the summer, and I used CHO as a barrier cream many days with no additional irritation. I have acne prone skin and thankfully have had minimal problems with maskne.

  8. Raul Rodriguez
    Raul Rodriguez says:

    Hi Susan could you please tell us your thoughts on Beta Glucan and it’s effectiveness. I noticed that kosmetic immunity brand has a serum with 97% concentrate and wanted to know if u thought it was worth the money

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