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I’ve been doing at home laser hair removal on my face, down there, on my bikini area, and more… for years. This is my honest experience and review. I hope you enjoy!

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37 replies
  1. Anna Devina
    Anna Devina says:

    I do have a hairy body and face, less than u but still. Started to have it when I was 14. Took me 2-3 years to have hundreds of tests. They didn't find anything that would be wrong and just recommend me a laser treatment. I'm 34 now)

  2. Maddi
    Maddi says:

    OKAY I started watching this because I am sitting outside the laser hair removal place and needed advice, and I started crying as soon as you said endometriosis because I got surgery to get it diagnosed, and it did come back positive. So.

    I get it.

  3. ScarletVoodoo
    ScarletVoodoo says:

    Pro tip for cleaning the razor that will change your life: Get a little spritz bottle and fill it with alcohol. Spray it all over and let air dry. As a bonus, I find this keeps my razor sharp for months longer than before I started doing it. I spray it thoroughly after each shave.

  4. brep66
    brep66 says:

    Hmmm very interesting, I experience literally every single symptom you do and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis/crohns. Also am Italian Greek decent. I agree I'm just hairy lol but all the other things have been a real struggle to overcome and get on track

  5. Brandy Ragland
    Brandy Ragland says:

    I'm so happy you shared your story, I get someone might want to skip to the reviews and results but this was a really amazing share and I think anyone with the time should listen. Like so many others in the comments have said, thank you for talking about this.

  6. Write it Black
    Write it Black says:

    Honestly I have lived with it my whole life & insecure about it. You are NOT alone. I’m happy the lazer works for you. I hope I can some day get rid of it forever.

  7. Write it Black
    Write it Black says:

    Honey, I have a thick beard & so I used to wax & thread but none of them worked. I just shave my face every day. It’s very annoying how people assume I have a hormonal imbalance when I don’t. I keep having to EXPLAIN over & over I don’t have diabetes. I don’t have PCOS! I just have slightly elevated testosterone which produces the androgens which cause the hair growth. So I can’t afford lazer but I’m hoping that the at home lazer will work because I have tried everything and still have a beard. I should be a side show.

  8. Maddison B
    Maddison B says:

    Her face…. ❤️-❤️ is it natural? Did she get hit with the beauty stick? That’s a half million dollar face at least… if I get rich I wonder if I could get a surgeon to make my face that pretty. But I’d probably never actually do it even if I got rich lol. I’d be like: I should do that… that’s expensive and dangerous… maybe I’ll wait a little longer lol.

  9. Melissa Zavala
    Melissa Zavala says:

    I have the same problem ! Beard and many studies from doctors saying I have no hormonal imbalances! But I do have my period twice a month for like 7-10 days

  10. Marinchen Kaninchen
    Marinchen Kaninchen says:

    my issue is…i literally have hair EVERYWHERE. it‘s not as coarse and thick but there is relatively long and kinda dark fuzz everywhere on my face. and i have thickrr hair like u have on my sideburns und neck and upperlip. i have long dark but thin hair on every other area of my body except for my palms and like my feet and hands. wtf? i feel sooo so shitty.

  11. Britny Snyder
    Britny Snyder says:

    I have alot of issues as well and haven't been able to figure it out for years. I was fine until i had my second kid and got my tubes tied. About 2 or 3 years after that i started getting acne, gained weight that i havent been able to lose, have bad fatigue, have anxiety and depression, low libido, thinning hair, sharp pain in my side where my one tubal scar is. Its almost always like 2 weeks after my period when i get that pain which i guess is in my ovary. But theyve checked my hormones, theyve checked for pcos, theyve checked my thyroid, theyve checked for cysts, theyve started me back on birth control even though i cant even get pregnant. And nothing has helped yet. Idk what it is except my tubal causing issues. If anyone knows please help.

  12. Tri Cao
    Tri Cao says:

    "…shaving my face routine…" LOL 😀 You're seriously soooooo funny with your sarcasm that I literally spit out my chocolate milk!!! You're ABSO-FUCKEN-LUTELY adorably funny Alana!!!!! Do you even realize how amazing you are!?!?!?!?!?!? 😀 LOL XOXO

  13. Mackenzie Sollars
    Mackenzie Sollars says:

    Hi there! Yes and no for me as far as having hair but nothing medically wrong. So I do grow pretty thick hair on my face as do my mom, sister, and aunts. They have had no health problems but have hairy faces. I on the other hand have hair on my face and recently got diagnosed with PCOS. I guess for the girls in my family it was genetics. I got the crappy end of the stick with all of the health problems

  14. Jessy Lara
    Jessy Lara says:

    I really want to buy me an IPL but I am very confused and scared. Got same problem and now that I see you very confident with that one I think is a safer and better option than the cheap ones.

  15. Alejandra Valencia
    Alejandra Valencia says:

    I just stumbled upon your channel and I LOVE YOU goodness is it refreshing to see a young female who actually struggles with body hair. I hate females that literally have peach fuzz and complain and call it a mustache or stomach fuxz and call it hair like sis stop I have a full bush, I look like a man and you want to open your mouth just to make me feel worse. The majority of females who get laser hair removal don't even need it in my opinion to begin with they are merely complaining about thin peach fuzz, meanwhile I have more hair than both my brothers. Thank you for being so raw and transparent!

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