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Acrylic Nails Tutorial – How To Encapsulated Gold Leaf Nails with Nail Tips. In this video I show how I created these gorgeous gold leaf pink nude acrylic nails.

Live Stream of this design:

Inspired by Perfect 10 Custom Nails:

Previous Ice Cream Nails:

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Products Used:
Peel Off Base Coat:
500pcs Stiletto Tips:
ASP Bonding Acrylic Liquid:
Clear Acrylic:
Pink Nude Acrylic:
Gold Leaf Flake:
Nail Dust Collector:
100/180 grit Nail Files:
Poochiez Nails Super Shine gel topcoat:
SunUV Nail Lamp:
Rose Oil:
Nailfie Glass Diamond:
Gold Regal Nailfie Diamond Stand:

Alpha Brush (code: LongHair10 for 10% off):
Alpha #8 Kolinsky Brush

Red Iguana Silicon Practice Hand:
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32 replies
  1. kaylabear
    kaylabear says:

    Do you think I would be able to do the same if I used a nail form with the 'lazy girl's method and then after applying the foil use builder 2-3 layers of builder gel on top?

  2. doris barnes
    doris barnes says:

    Of all the channels that do nails you are the best and I thank you for showing us so much and so many ways to do our nails but you are the best and I appreciate it

  3. Candice Bergstrom
    Candice Bergstrom says:

    Nice recreation! I love that you share a shorter version of your live videos. It means more work for you, but it's appreciated! Live videos are great, too. Because, it shows how long it actually takes to do nails. Thanks girly!😀💕

  4. Judith Godinez
    Judith Godinez says:

    Total inspiration for me personally!! I’ve been watching your videos and I’m amazed on your talent I just started doing nails and hope to someday be good like you. But tell me please how your dust collector be working cuz I got one and honestly it doesn’t seem to be doing what it’s meant to do

  5. PrincessaCaramela
    PrincessaCaramela says:

    Hi, I’m 18 and I taught myself how to do nails when I was a sophmore in high school Im now a sophmore and college . I was wondering if you could check out my work on my instagram @PrincessaCaramela

    I’ve watched almost all of your videos !:)

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