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Pull String Nail art Tutorial with Thread

In this video, I will show you a simple and fun way to create abstract design with gel polish. You won’t need any brush for it… Just a simple thread! Have you ever tried this?

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45 replies
  1. Louise Munthe
    Louise Munthe says:

    Beautiful and calming —- I Can See som pattern. Try outline in a modern style , to create birds, feathers, butterflies and more
    Thank you for your inspiration

  2. Kim Crummey
    Kim Crummey says:

    OMG. You May not believe this, but my husband does flow art on large canvases. When I saw you doing this on nails, it nearly blew my mind. It won’t be long before I do this myself now. I just have to buy some more colors.

  3. The MetatronGirl
    The MetatronGirl says:

    I absolutely feel like I’m meditating when I do nail art, or art of any kind, really. It’s very relaxing. I like using top coat over my base color. It gives a bit more definition, and allows you to layer your designs without disrupting what you’ve already done.

  4. Roonique Boutique Nails
    Roonique Boutique Nails says:

    Some beautiful results! I haven't tried it yet but plan to give it a try soon, hoping to try it with chain as well as different types of threads to get a variety of results, tfs, stay safe 😍😍💕💕xxx

  5. KimShea22
    KimShea22 says:

    I've seen this done on canvas before with beautiful results. Definitely going to try this soon on my nails! Just fyi – there's a channel on YouTube called Mixed Media Girl. She does this kind of thing sometimes on canvas and shows how to make different shapes, like flowers and hearts. Might be worth checking out?

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