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Are you tired of Waxing?

In this video, I will demonstrate to you Laser Hair Removal Treatment using both Lasers- Soprano Ice Platinum Laser and Candela Laser.
They are both very effective and are the Top lasers for Hair Removal on the market.

The laser has become the number one choice for Hair Removal in the world. More and more people prefer them rather than Waxing and I am so glad I am able to use both Lasers.

You need at least 6 to 8 laser hair removal sessions, every 6 weeks to start with. After the course treatments, we are expecting to see on average up to 85% permanent Hair Removal ( or as we like to say Reduction) and you might need some maintenance sessions as well.

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  1. Paula J
    Paula J says:

    Is it normal to have bruise like marks on your legs after candela laser treatment?
    The marks have been there for over 1 weeks after the treatment now.

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