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hey everyone!! today’s video is an unsponsored review of the braun silk expert 5 ipl device (laser hair removal at home)! i’ve been using this thing for quite a few months now and i’m super happy with the results. i wanted to share my results with yall, but also information that will hopefully be helpful to those searching about what ipl is and how it works.

i haven’t done a video in ages so filming this and trying to be concise was a nightmare. so please let me know if you have any questions regarding ipl in the comments!!

i’m trying to post a video once a week this month so stay tuned! if i completely fumble this goal feel free to harass me on my socials:

instagram: @haleyellec
twitter: @haleyelle

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29 replies
  1. Belle x
    Belle x says:

    Is braun silk expert 5 is the same with braum silk expert pro 5? After watching your video, I really thought that this is a good investment but everytime I search for expert 5 the one that appear is expert pro 5…. Btw you are so cute

  2. Amy Alexander
    Amy Alexander says:

    I literally have this in my basket. 😅 thanks for the in depth review. Can I ask does it damage /change the skin? If it works on melanin will it remove melanin from your skin? What about freckles etc? And do you have any updates since this video ? 🌻

  3. Joseline C
    Joseline C says:

    I have crazy hair all of my inner things and back of thighs. Shaving used to cause horrible chafing. I’m in my 4th week and my skin is so smooth!! I’m a hairy girl so I know it will take time to see the hair completely gone but wearing shorts and not hurting from chaffing this already won my heart.

  4. Slcla
    Slcla says:

    Hi , would like to know ir the light when i do the treatment can damage your eyes. I used glasses but i felt that the light disturbed my eyes.

  5. Marina Zakher
    Marina Zakher says:

    I bought it but it doesn’t work on my bikini area beacuse of a darker area, should i return it? Or do you recommend another device that might work with dark skin? What if i continue using it ?!

  6. Jenn K
    Jenn K says:

    Maybe you answered this already, but! What intensity setting do you use across the different areas of your body? Do you adjust between your legs and armpits, for example? I’m afraid to use the strongest one (3), especially on the bikini area!

  7. Nilisha Nathani
    Nilisha Nathani says:

    Hey thanks for the review, although I have gone to skin laser for my upper lip and chin back in india where the cost is nominal to spend , but in Canada I cannot afford that, just a question is the radiation power harmful for us if we don’t do it by the right technique as trained professionals do in skin clinics? Just skeptical for that as the radiations can cause harm if used in high power without the knowledge of actual knowledge of the power

  8. Maya Shabk
    Maya Shabk says:

    This review was sooo helpful!! You got right to the point and the fact that you even showed before and after pictures is just awesome!! Thank you!🥺❤️

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