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Want to permanently get rid of body hair? Same.
The Laser & coupon: 50ALANA

I’ve done at home laser hair removal on my upper lip *mustache*, bikini line, brazilian area, under arms or armpits, legs, face, arms, stomach, happy trail, and all of the areas in between! It really works and here is my honest review, progress, and before and after.

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35 replies
  1. ashleyo413
    ashleyo413 says:

    How many treatments are you doing on these parts of your body to get these results? And how much time are you spacing your treatments?

    I have tan brown skin and long thick dark hair and I have been looking into waxing or laser but I'm too insecure to go get it done lol and shaving doesn't work with how quickly my hair grows

  2. DeYa
    DeYa says:

    Lying down on my bed thinking who created me? And why did they create me like this?
    Why am I born to be a hairy girl? I HATE taking so much effort and time removing the hairs~~~ why would i have hair all around my body~

    I know I sound crazy but yeah I'm crying like a baby thinking about my hairy body~ I just can't like myself because of it.. I hate them
    Some parts of my body is so sensitive no matter what i use and how I remove the hairs while for some parts like my arms and stomach are normal and not sensitive ..

    Anyways.. i want to be hairless.. or at least not have as much hair as i do now.. but i hate removing the hairs and see them growing so fast

    I want to find something to make me feel better about it..

  3. C Ben
    C Ben says:

    Hi there, the glasses you wear when lasering.. what is their exact description so I can order some or can you provide a link (I'm in UK)… Many thanks in advance x

  4. XYZ ABC
    XYZ ABC says:

    I am very happy for you. I know really good what it means to be a hairy girl. It fucking effects your whole life in a negative way. I have had a tons of laser hair treatments and i am still not finished 😭 since corona i am doing treatment my self at home with the philips lumea. It is not as good as professional laser removal but still better than shaving.. i am happy for you that you are seeing good resulta, because i know how it can effect your whole life and self esteem 🙁

  5. god is dead
    god is dead says:

    nah i know this girl did not just compare at home permanent hair reduction to press on nails LMAO, these devices can be either be effective and cheaper OR can cause a lot of problems including burns. yes it's cheaper but there's a reason for that, when you go to a trained professional, you're also paying for a trained professional who have paid thousands of dollars on school and licenses etc.

  6. Hayley
    Hayley says:

    So my electrolysis lady tells me NEVER to tweeze or wax between appointments because pulling the hair follicle out makes the root stronger by feeding the blood supply and the hair comes back thicker so you're basically prolonging the process apparently so I only shave between sessions now.

  7. Ricki Pimentel
    Ricki Pimentel says:

    I got a generic Kenzzi/ketch on ali express for $43 and it took like a month to arrive but I just used it for the first time and it’s literally the same thing as the more expensive versions.🤷‍♀️

  8. Jenny SMiles
    Jenny SMiles says:

    I'm very unhappy with the company, I order the product from them because I saw your review and I thought it could work for me, but my product which I ordered in December hasn't arrived and nobody answers my emails. They won't give me a refund either. 😒 I don't know what to do. Any advice? Heeeeelp

  9. julia nakatani
    julia nakatani says:

    Guys, before purchasing the device please go check their Instagram first, they haven’t answered anyone in months and haven’t shipped anything to anyone in months too.

  10. julia nakatani
    julia nakatani says:

    Hey Alana, so I got a Kenzzi because of your videos since you have gotten great results, but they haven’t shipped mine yet, it has been a long while, they don’t answer my emails nor my DM.

  11. Ruepinder Dhuga
    Ruepinder Dhuga says:

    Thank you for being brave enough to put this out there into the 🌎 world!!! Ladies don't talk about this because we are embarrassed and there are people out there who shame, and poke fun of females with body hair. We can't help the way our bodies are made!! It's absolutely deplorable for people to say that females arent supposed to have body hair to call it gross or disgusting. Again, we were BORN this way. I am so grateful to you for posting this and allowing me to feel just a bit more like I'm not alone. I'm an Indian lady and have struggled with body hair since I can remember caring about unwanted hair as a young teen. So again, you are amazing for doing this, thank you. Own it and rock it… you're beautiful, amd everyone is beautiful in the eyes of God. 🙏😇👍🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💚💚💚💚💚

  12. Ryann Lewis
    Ryann Lewis says:

    if you have dark skin kenzzi will probably not work for you but there are many groupon deals for laser hair removal and you can just make sure that they use a laser that works on all skin tones

  13. BabyBlue
    BabyBlue says:

    I’m so surprised by the amount of hair growth!!! That is crazy!!! I’m glad Kenzi works.. I’m definitely getting it for my legs!!

  14. Charu Kundu
    Charu Kundu says:

    Mm u r sooooo genuine n ur confidence level is too high…. Whenever I have to see c reviews of kenzi…. I always open only ur videos…. Nyc…. Veryyy nyc….

  15. ami elwafi
    ami elwafi says:

    I might be unsalvageable. I may need the lvl of zap of a mosquito trap to get to her level before she started the treatment. I have hair everywhere except my face.

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