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Suzie creates long Coffin Nails using the Aprés Gel-X Nail Extension Kit. Suzie demonstrates the steps to apply the tips, and includes ProTips to take them to the next level.

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Aprés Gel X Nails Extensions Kit
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42 replies
  1. Angel's Heavenly Nails & Boutique
    Angel's Heavenly Nails & Boutique says:

    Hi Susie! Let me start by saying I Love you and I have watched your for years! You are so good at what you do! I was wondering about the dust on the nail plate and applying the dehydrator before you wipe the nail plate clean. Does the dust get in the dehydrator and cause it to not be as affective? Would it be ok to wipe the nail plate clean with a lift free wipe with either acetone or alcohol first?

  2. Giselle Hernandez
    Giselle Hernandez says:

    I've been thinking about getting this kit. I live my nail girl but i have to get them done every two weeks and it gets expensive. I'm really thinking about buying this, It seems like it wouldn't take as much time as acrylic and it's easier. Although it does seem alittle pricey but still probably cheaper than getting them done every two weeks lol

  3. yyusuf
    yyusuf says:

    wow i love this video! thorough explanation (especially for beginners like me), showing various angles and high quality! love love

  4. Destany Buxton
    Destany Buxton says:

    That lamp is not mini its micro. I think they should have at least made its legs collapsible or detachable, added 2 more LED lights (1 on both sides,) and a finger hoop on the top to make it easier to hold. I mean if you design something 1. go all the way and 2. design it right cause the micro LED Light might be cute but its so not practical.

  5. CakeMix
    CakeMix says:

    What brand gel polishes did she/you use for color? I know the skills help but They're still a GORGEOUS quality! I've been searching the comments and scoping the video like crazy <3 her videos!

  6. Classical Gas
    Classical Gas says:

    You have such a nice long nail bed! If my nails are short, they go below my skin line, so it glues the nail too my actual skin..:I just can’t get it to not do that and it hurts! What do we do about that?

  7. The old ways 1
    The old ways 1 says:

    Hi Susie. I Know you also tried out the Kiara geltips also. Can you give your objective opinion on which you prefer. Over The last 3 years I spend a lot of money on different brands of gel, and different viscosities. Having to save up for months inbetween each purchase. I am not happy with any of them. I have a nailtechnician license. I have no clients. I am to slow. I lack practice.

  8. Rebecca Hetrick
    Rebecca Hetrick says:

    Why not just apply the gel to your nail instead of putting it on the tip directly? Then you would be using the correct amount… That way there's no guessing how much to use or exactly where to apply it…

  9. Qween B.
    Qween B. says:

    My nail tecj just did these on me 2 weeks ago and they hold up GREAT! I'm looking in to buying it myself and just investing in some gel polishes!!!

  10. Carla Wright
    Carla Wright says:

    So much easier and better than dip powder, which never worked for me. Only problem need easier way to cure with lamp us difficult. Get them on crooked sometimes.

  11. Alyssa Dean
    Alyssa Dean says:

    Do I have to use their primer and gel? I have all the other tools except the nails. Should I buy the whole kit or just the nails ? Thank you 🙂

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