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#LaserHairRemoval #IPL #LuxSkin

Hello Beautiful People! Y’all have been asking & it is FINALLY here! I finished all 12 sessions of my at home laser hair removal using my IPL tool from Lux Skin! And while it took longer than 12 weeks for me, it’s just easier to say 12 weeks than sessions as to not confuse people, so forgive the title 😂

(Part1) IPL At Home Laser Hair Removal + 6 week Update! –
(Part 3) Amazing Results!!! Update Part 3 –

Lux Skin IPL Tool-

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30 replies
  1. ol
    ol says:

    Are sponsored for this,thank you for this video, also if you are see results just for this why do you want to get laser removal in the future.

  2. Jonay Reese
    Jonay Reese says:

    From an esthetician POV would it be safe for me to get a facial with ingrown hair extractions from a professional and have the IPL treatment same day or should I have the professional completed first time?

  3. Damla Öztürk
    Damla Öztürk says:

    Hello, I'm not good at the language you speak, but I'm translating the speech from Google Translate .. and I want to buy this device … I want to ask, is it really good? Can you tell me about your writing experience and how much you benefit from% to translate on Google?

  4. Yoyo Lay
    Yoyo Lay says:

    Does IPL machine work on hairly legs which have been shaved and was too many times ? I am really into this machine .Honestly , I can't able to go to hair removal clinic.Would u mind answering my question below please !

  5. Tyra-Jade Lee
    Tyra-Jade Lee says:

    Hi, I've been doing research on this product cause I'm interested in getting it. I mainly want to use it for my bikini area, you didn't talk about it in the video but, have you used it on your bikini area? if you have can you comment on the results. The results you got look amazing and I want to get it, I just want to know if it's okay for the bikini area.
    Thank you 🙂

  6. Fiz
    Fiz says:

    Wait, do you have to shave your face before using the machine on it? The thought of shaving my face scares me haha

  7. Rekha bella
    Rekha bella says:

    So glad I’ve found your video. I’m the same skin complexion as you & am currently on my second session. I’m treating my areas every fortnight. I noticed you saying you started treating once a week, is this what you has been advised to do?

  8. Parisnicole Payton, M.Ed, MBA
    Parisnicole Payton, M.Ed, MBA says:

    Laser Hair Removal is permanent with consistent multiple treatments. You have to ensure you kill the entire hair follicle, in which the hair grows in 6 cycles. I have done my entire body and it took several sessions/treatments overtime. I was getting my Laser Hair Removal at a Laser Hair Removal spa such as Satori based in New York and Philadelphia. I am completely hair FREE, no growth at all.

  9. oceanwaves078
    oceanwaves078 says:

    Thanks for the update! I'm on my 4th treatment and havent noticed any difference for my underarms or brazilian but this gives me hope that i'll see results towards the end fingers crosssed! I think the hairs on my face are growing back slower though. Excited for the final results!

  10. Poseidon77
    Poseidon77 says:

    Have you seen any noticeable improvement when it comes to the redness associated with kp/strawberry legs? I had a dermatologist tell me that ipl can target the hyperpigmentation

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