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With this cosplay makeup, you can make yourself look just like Sucrose from the game Genshin Impact!

☆ Products ☆
💗 Circle Lenses’ ►
💗 False Eye Lashes’ ►
UNNY Concealer’ ►
Eyeshadow’ ►
Eyeliner’ ►
Mascara’ ►
Blusher’ ►
Foundation’ ►
Powder’ ►
Highlight’ ►
Lip tint’ ►
Contour Stick’ ►

Some parts of the costume has been changed by me.
(Anemo vision, headgear, front part of the chest, shoulder armor)

Wig styling by me.
I dyed the wig more green. Before and after pictures on my Patreon.


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☆ Equipment ☆
Camera’ ►
Ring light’ ►

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Gaming chair’ ►

Camera/Shoot/Edit/Makeup: me

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☆Little character animation by Konpeito **☆

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