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Don’t let a few ingrown hairs ruin your day. Yes, they can be bothersome, but they can also be treatable and prevented. Making sure you are exfoliating at the right time period helps to take off those extra, dead layers of skin, to prevent the ingrown from curling against the skin and further deepening.

Or you can release those hidden hairs with a treatment like this. But prevention is best to reduce scarring! This #Showoff​’s exfoliation schedule will have to be altered since she’s doing Laser Hair Removal, and the hairs are growing much more slowly. But it’s still possible. 🤗

Book your LHR Consultation today! Eventually, those hairs will be gone for good. 🌟

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46 replies
  1. Catherine Tobin
    Catherine Tobin says:

    Girl I just found you and I LOVE your videos!! I suffer with A LOT of ingrowns, cysts, and as you call them, compacted pores. How do I solve this bc it’s SO unattractive and I’m SO insanely self conscious about it 😭

  2. Beth Razz
    Beth Razz says:

    What is the numbing cream used? My mom has a giant blackhead on her back but won't let me touch it cuz the pain & she's afraid of doctors. I mega want to get it but need numbing cream.

  3. singingjewel
    singingjewel says:

    First of all: good job! You are really making a difference for ladies, I am sure.
    I write this only, because I know you reach a lot of people: you call it „vaginal area“. Please, please call it „pubic area“ 🙏🏻🙂 the vagina is really only where – for example – the babies come out, not the entire hairy area of a woman‘s privately. What you say makes a difference, more than you know, it educated women who pass it on and that improves everyone‘s health in the long run. Thanks, your ob/gyn fan!

  4. Pure Solo
    Pure Solo says:

    I got a full body wax for the 1st time in october its now april and my ingrown hairs haven’t went away my bumps are worst and I been very depressed and embarrassed i been going to the dermatologist they haven’t been helping much they put me on accutane and i dont think this will fix the issue cuz i never had these bumps before is there anyway i can come get treatment from you i live in California but i will fly to you btw im a 31 year old man please message me

  5. Shannon Tate
    Shannon Tate says:

    This is so satisfying to watch. I’m starting treatment next week on my bikini and under arms. I can’t wait. I also struggle with tons of ingrown hairs and razor burn and it makes summers very hard for me because I do not want to wear bathing suits in public!

  6. Stasha Massey
    Stasha Massey says:

    This lady doing this amazingly good. I want to know how she knows there's even a hair in there and how she knows where they are to fish them out with that hook

  7. The Unknown Explorer-Lisa
    The Unknown Explorer-Lisa says:

    The dark color of some of the extracted material is not caused by dirt. Rather it is dead skins cells that have been oxidized (aka exposed to oxygen), which causes the dead skin cells to turn from white to black. This is why the material down deeper is still white, as it has not yet been exposed to oxygen, but it is made up of the same dead skin cells as the darker material at the surface. 🙂

  8. Dee xx
    Dee xx says:

    I'm starting my brazilian laser journey and this was SO satisfying. I am not prone to ingrown hairs as I've gotten older, idk why… but I do have some discoloration from when I did. I am hoping the laser treatment will help with that or over time I can do a treatment to lighten the area.

  9. Sabrina Robinson
    Sabrina Robinson says:

    I'm in the process of getting laser hair removal for this reason, and it's the best decision I've ever made! I still get some ingrowns/breakouts here and there, but they've been reduced so much already after only three sessions, and are never as severe as they used to be. Laser hair removal seriously isn't even a cosmetic thing for most people I don't think.

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