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34 replies
  1. anastasia46
    anastasia46 says:

    i am a licensed esthetician. Men are hesitant about skin care, but once you show them that it improves their skin and makes their skin feel better, they are totally into it. Men are usually dragged in for facials by their girlfriends and act as if they are going to the electric chair. But once they have had a facial, they come back by themselves for more. if you are a guy, indulge in your skin care. You dont have to tell anyone.

  2. Shauna Fletcher
    Shauna Fletcher says:

    What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of spray sunscreens? I feel like I would apply more frequently if I could just do a few spritzes through out the day rather than a cream or powder sunscreen.

  3. Arissa Abraham
    Arissa Abraham says:

    Can I just say watching Hyrams channel plus having Hailey on here while laughing my face off at the comments all at 3 in the morning is the best thing ever 😍😄🙌

  4. niceplayground
    niceplayground says:

    Hyram, I def think you should get a dermatologist education you would be super interested and gain a lot from the studies! Like imagine applying your passion about it to knowing it scientifically :O

  5. Meagan Stevenson
    Meagan Stevenson says:


    ♂️♀️entretenimiento emocionante🚻


  6. glossy vibes
    glossy vibes says:

    For everyone who is new here ! !
    – we don't like fragrance
    – eye creams are the same as moisturizers
    – YES to niacinamide
    – we live for the ordinary, Paulas choice, krave
    beauty and cerave
    – we love salicylic acid
    – the tight feeling after washing is NOT iconic sis
    – big NO to face wipes
    – we live for chemical exfoliation
    – we don't love physical exfoliation
    – peel of masks are stripping
    DIY skincare is definitely not pretty
    – we shimmy at the start of each video
    – lastly, Hyram is awesome!

  7. Skin Science by Mira
    Skin Science by Mira says:

    The sunscreen amount isn’t that confusing.. you should be applying the amount they apply when doing the testing to determine the level of protection otherwise you are not getting the protection that sunscreen advertises. It’s about 1/2 tsp for face, neck, and ears for most people.

  8. Skin Science by Mira
    Skin Science by Mira says:

    I really enjoy her actually, she seems to be really thoughtful about everything she does. I really enjoyed the video she did on what she wears for a week. Style wise it was pretty basic but she seemed to be really passionate and knowledgeable about what she wears.

  9. Skin Science by Mira
    Skin Science by Mira says:

    Olive oil a very high in oleic acid and shown to disrupt the skin barrier evidence wise. I wouldn’t recommend in high concentrations for anyone. And doing a mask then cleansing kinda defeats the point lol.

  10. Ama Del May
    Ama Del May says:

    Sleeping on your back will have you wake up looking fresh! It is the pressure on the face when sleeping on your side or with your face buried in a pillow that causes all the puffiness in the morning. It also causes wrinkles long term. Sleeping on your back allows for even blood circulation to the face and will have you wake up looking rejuvenated. 💗💗

  11. I Ford
    I Ford says:

    Hey, Hyram! you mentioned not liking oils and I was wondering what your take was on The Ordinary's Rosehip Oil. I am 41 so I feel I need to include a little more oomph at night and right now I will apply a few drops to my hands and then tap it on my skin after my Cosrx Advanced Snail All in One. Just wanted your take.

  12. CM
    CM says:

    💤😴😴💤💤💤😴😴💤 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮, This ch really going Downhill!! I will Not be back!!💯💯

    FEARSONA says:

    Hyram dear, don't get too depressed about her looking like a flawless goddess in the morning with no puffiness, discoloration etc. cause, cough video filters cough
    Believe me, filters nowadays are super advanced and remove any texture/hyperpigmentation and realism from your skin in a millisecond.
    That is what she did… ain't there a human with a barbie skin out there. Her skincare is still nice tho, but it's no texture removing miracle.

  14. Phyllis Steele
    Phyllis Steele says:

    U do realize u all r in ur 20's? Now if u can do something like this in ur 60's and look like this afterwards…then let me know..and this chip is ultra RICH….so she can buy anything,and her bathroom can look anyway she chooses,and we have no way of knowing it is 6:45am,or 6:45pm,or if she just got up or not,can't believe everything u hear ,especially from beautiful people…not that God doesn't make beautiful peeps but u know what I mean…

  15. Diana Mauthe
    Diana Mauthe says:

    Question!!! I’m in Florida, so it’s always HOT… I’m struggling to find a sunscreen that won’t run into my eyes with sweat… They end up so irritated… help

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