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In this video, I show you how to prep your nails before applying an acrylic system. When the nails are properly prepped, lifting will be minimized. In this video I’m using Mia Secret Dehydrate and Primer, but you can use your brand of choice.


Belle Nail Drill ~

500 Pcs Clear French Tips ~

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41 replies
  1. ressie
    ressie says:

    I do have a question do you file the nail first then glue the tip? & then use the dehydrator … or do you use the dehydrator then glue the nails on?.

  2. Norma Lomeli
    Norma Lomeli says:

    As soon as I saw your video I start following you because in this video that was a lot of information for me because I start doing my nails by myself

  3. Katelyn Mersino
    Katelyn Mersino says:

    I added my tips before putting the dehydrator 😓 I’m still new at doing nails but I just applied the primer and I’m hoping that will be enough if not I learned for next time lol

  4. nacari murphy
    nacari murphy says:

    The eponychium and the cuticles are two different things . You cutting your eponychium can lead to hangnails and possible damage to the matrix . The cuticle is the dead tissue on the nail plate . If your going to educate the public, please know the difference and teach the truth .

  5. Nina Ramirez
    Nina Ramirez says:

    I hope people don’t try “pushing the cuticle down” and removing skin like you showed in the video! You’re opening yourself up infections. It was cringy to watch. 😣 please people DON’T this!

  6. Debbie S
    Debbie S says:

    I just want to say thank you for your videos on Mia Secret products.This is the first time I have absolutely no lifting!!!!!! I am thrilled and thankful for your videos.Blessings💕


    Hi there friend!

    I am new to nail art & to be honest I don't understand what I am doing wrong

    Recently 2 of my best friends clients had some tips fallen (& it's not even been one week that I made them)


    Please help: it's because the quality tips, or quality glue? Or is it because I glue the tips in the middle of nail bed (even highter), of course not touching the cuticule!

    It's confusing, some YouTube videos shows the tips glued at the end of the natural nail & some in the middle of nail bed (even higher)

    Suggest me something, it's obvious that I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG 😩😩😭

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