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I finally did it!!! Come watch as I take you through my journey of Laser Hair Removal, Microdermabrasion and High Frequency Facial. Please watch til the end to see my results!

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36 replies
  1. Cin Flishman
    Cin Flishman says:

    Stunning!!!! You are a very beautiful woman to start with but after your spa day there is truly a noticeable difference in how your makeup went on your face!! Stand tall, be proud of who you are regardless of anything and girlfriend you are rocking it. Once you turn 50 you are going to love it!!! And just wait until you turn 55 – some of the Senior Discounts at different stores will start to apply!!! Getting older really isn't a bad thing at all!!! You look MARVELOUS!!!!!!!

  2. Dolsie M
    Dolsie M says:

    Yes you are pampering yourself.
    Why didn’t they offer you a lymphatic deep facial and add dermabrassion? The treatment then will last longer. Research it.
    Yes you do look good. The compliments will be pouring in. Go, girl!!!

  3. MM BB
    MM BB says:

    Hey everybody Jesus is coming soon he's coming in the clouds with great power and Glory and every eye shall see him coming in the clouds so repent turn to the Lord accept Jesus as your lord and savior and Obey Jesus

  4. Jacqueline Padovano
    Jacqueline Padovano says:

    You look great your skin is glowing! I had microdermabrasion many yrs ago and you just motivated me to pursue treatments as well. I know how great the skin feels after just one treatment. You also look thinner which is wonderful and that also makes you feel amazing. I like your lipstick. Can you share what shade and where I can buy it? Keep up the wonderful work on yourself and thank you for sharing.

  5. Denise D
    Denise D says:

    Wow June you can see a big difference, you are so happy and it sure is showing. You were the best patient. You look even lovelier and it's so nice to treat yourself. So happy for you <3

  6. P J
    P J says:

    OMG June! You look at least 15 years younger than you did 2 weeks ago! You look thinner, your skin is glowing, your hair is beautiful and your makeup is on point girlfriend!!! You are gonna be rockin' 50 girl!!!

  7. Janna Lynn
    Janna Lynn says:

    Oh MY GOSH, You look AWESOME after this treatment!!!!! You do have makeup on too, right!!!! Still, you look better than I have seen you look in a LONG time, and please do NOT take offense!!!! You truly do look AMAZING. I am SO GLAD you did this FOR YOU!!!!!!

  8. ari anna
    ari anna says:

    June penny I've done awesome lazer to my upper lip, chin, neck, entire pubes area, around my nipples and my under arms in India 10 years ago. ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS ONLY BENEFITS.

  9. Charlotte Forrester
    Charlotte Forrester says:

    You look so beautiful! Skin smooth and radiant! I'm checking into this. I live in the South so I'll have to do some research. Congratulations, ! Thank you for posting your experience.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Nyla Campbell
    Nyla Campbell says:

    June you look amazing! And you've inspired me…I haven't had a facial in a long time and I'm going to make an appt (I live in MA so unfortunately I can't go where you went)…have a wonderful day!

  11. Sherine Gonzalez
    Sherine Gonzalez says:

    Your skin really looks great! Even after the treatment, you could see a huge difference. I really, really need laser hair removal. Unfortunately, I have to shave everyday. I have hair on my cheeks, chin, neck and above my lip. Unfortunately, it would be too pricey for me and also being a Hispanic woman of color, I have to be a bit careful with the things I do to my face. But honestly, if I could afford it, I'd be first in line. Lol 😄😆. Thanks so much for sharing June! You look fabulous! 👍

  12. Sweet Leilani
    Sweet Leilani says:

    ❤Beautiful! I wanna do thia..AND
    I still wanna order that cream u use under ur eyes. Instant somethin.?? Did u use it under ur make up here? Ur skin looks so amazing.
    BTW, was the laser & microderm expensive?

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