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Omg! I duped the viral Madison Beer Vogue makeup tutorial!
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the madison beer vogue makeup tutorial

Products mentioned:
Fenty Fat Water
Skin Fix Moisturizer
pixi hydrating milky glow mist
Revlon light cover foundation
maybelline fit me concealer
wet n wild photofocus powder
physicians formula cream bronzer (toffee)
quo cream blush (heavenly)
l’oreal lumi glow drops (golden hour)
colourpop sandstone palette
nyx sandstorm lip liner
maybelline lifter gloss (crystal)
colourpop so juicy gloss (shes here)
l’oreal telescopic mascara

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31 replies
  1. irene jelicic
    irene jelicic says:

    You always make everything you try work and look amazing on you! I honestly am so surprised Madison's video went so viral (I have only watched the bits you included in your video), the first thing that crossed my mind was "I could never trust someone who puts that much makeup in such bad lighting", I can't possibly imagine that looks good in real life. Also, I don't know if anyone has already commented on the soap brows, but I find it easier to spray directly on the soap and then go in with a dry spoolie! Hope that helps!

  2. Ignacia Velásquez
    Ignacia Velásquez says:

    Loved this tutorial! You really look beautiful, definitely gonna try some of the techniques. Also wanted to say… For the next time, it would be helpful if you also add the price of each product, not only the total amount 😬

  3. Credit29
    Credit29 says:

    I really don't think a red nose is attractive at all. It makes you look like you have a cold. Jamie stick to your own routine, you look much prettier the way you apply makeup.

  4. Anne Tidwell
    Anne Tidwell says:

    False. Nyx born to glow has a couple of shades that are definitely a highlighter/blush topper dupes. I use gleam and it looks very pretty and natural. They also have a deeper rose gold.

  5. Lada Erfurt
    Lada Erfurt says:

    I think this much blush doesn't really suit you and kinda matures you, but maybe it's just that the foundation shade throwing it off even more, because it's that much lighter. Have to say I much more like how you do your makeup normally but it is a fun video idea and enjoyes it 🥰 love❤

  6. taylorrspeaking
    taylorrspeaking says:

    I looked at Madison’s Instagram and she has pics of herself as a very young child with very thick lashline that looked like eyeliner. I guess she’s just blessed!

  7. Zuzana Lančaričová
    Zuzana Lančaričová says:

    I’m soery I love everything about this look except for the blush on the tip of the nose…I find the trend a but ridiculous and unwearable and real life. Nothing personal though I love your channel ❤️

  8. Betsy/BA BF
    Betsy/BA BF says:

    Light Cover is amazing. i stick to bb creams and tinted moisturizers, and now hate the look of foundation over 40. The Light Cover gives a speck more coverage but looks like skin, lasting me a 14 hour day.

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