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comparing 2 ipl at home laser hair removal devices.



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  1. Gloria Rodriguez
    Gloria Rodriguez says:

    Thank You so much I am so glad you review a more affordable device and all the other you tubers have sponsorship reasons for reviewing they are just Pushing sponsorship, thank you🤗

  2. Violet Anthony
    Violet Anthony says:

    So they are both the same. Probably the same manufacturer and the rich buy them to brand them as their own. Just decided to buy this IPL thing but I guess it is no since there is no authencity.

  3. Genevieve Adair
    Genevieve Adair says:

    Hate to tell you but these systems are exactly the same, minus the branding. You can get one for cheaper on AliExpress or bulk purchase on Alibaba (provided you're a business.)

  4. salva hazana
    salva hazana says:

    These are both pretty much the same dropshopping product. You order one without the brand name for 25-35$ of off alibaba if you write to the vendor that you’re a company and need to try this product before selling it.

  5. Lilly McCracken
    Lilly McCracken says:

    have you done ipl right after tanning or before you went in the sun? I get professional laser hair removal, and was wondering if you have to stop your weekly treatments because of sun exposure.

  6. Nicole K
    Nicole K says:

    Thanks for this review, I was looking for one comparing the 2 devices. I'll be honest, I don't always trust the larger channels that do reviews, especially when they have an affiliate link, so I was so happy to find your channel. You seem very honest and definitely helped me, thanks!

  7. Shilpa Rao
    Shilpa Rao says:

    I have got the lux device and have used it for 5 months. Since iam darker skin I have never gone above 1 and iam so not tolerant to pain. The lux is good. The first time I used it I got a few bumps and itching but I put some cold water and it subsided. But as I have been using it for 5 months. My hair growth which is very heavy has become 80% lesser. I did parts of my body as I was very cautious. So now iam doing my face and down under😉 wow I do get a few stinks down there but I don't think I have Burnt myself that happens when u miss a hair and it stinks like anything man. But I am still using only on level 1. 👍

  8. Gemma Kelly
    Gemma Kelly says:

    It’s the same machine, made in the same warehouse. Can’t believe the price difference! Also IPL very sadly isn’t suitable for darker skin tones. Maybe your skin tone is the line, so many black women have been burnt 😭🤬

  9. Sally Blanco
    Sally Blanco says:

    This better blow up because I was looking for this exact review for weeks and I couldn’t find not one I had to come here through your luxe IPL device review

  10. Yadira
    Yadira says:

    I was just looking for a review like this after watching most of your Ipl videos, and then you posted this 😂 I’m so glad that I went for the luxskin, now I’m excited to receive it soon!

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