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today I have a dip nail tutorial using double dip nails for the first time!
double dip nails is also cruelty-free and vegan

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20 replies
  1. Sthefania Fernandez
    Sthefania Fernandez says:

    This is the BEST tutorial I have seen so far omg this was literally so helpful. You explained every step so well. Like as soon as I had a question in my head you answered it 🤣 I get my starter kit tomorrow so this was very helpful

  2. Just_Angi
    Just_Angi says:

    I’m new to all of this. I’ve been trying to decide between trying dip nails or poly gel nails first and between model lines and double dip but after this video and your promo code (plus afterpay) I’m for sure going with double dip. Good lookin out 👍🏾

  3. chn nnnj1 ,'
    chn nnnj1 ,' says:

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  4. mangachanfan
    mangachanfan says:

    Hey Gabby!! This was really informative and educational. I have watched a bunch of dip nail tutorials, but was not at all interested in dip powders for myself ever. I usually just watch them because I find them fascinating and kind of relaxing lol. But girl, when you said "if your thinking of growing your nails long" you really caught my attention. I've struggled with thin/chipping nails since pregnancy.. but I always thought this kind of nail technique was damaging. After seeing this video, I'm actually willing to consider it now, where as before I was like "no way."
    So thanks for the great tips, and sorry for rambling lol.
    BTW, I would love to know if you can stamp/water decal with this technique? That would be something I would definitely watch multiple times lol
    Love your channel from FL.
    Stay safe ❤️️

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