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Dry Manicure Tutorial | Gel overlay and Summer Nail Art

In this video I will show you how to deal with “spreading” type of cuticles.
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I will also show you how to do gel overlay and apply color as close to the cuticles as possible. We will finish up with simple and fast summer design. What do you think?

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50 replies
  1. D W
    D W says:

    This was an absolutely clean, meticulous manicure and I am astounded how such a beautiful design can be so simple! I will have to try this on clients once I graduate nail technology school! I subscribed to your channel once I saw your video! I love your simple, yet astounding work! More like this please!!

  2. Beige Turtleneck
    Beige Turtleneck says:

    This happens to my thumbs all the time bc my primary nervous tick is picking at my thumbs and consequently causing severe trauma to the cuticles. My solution when I’m doing my nails is trying to use cuticle remover and if that doesn’t work then use brute force and an orange stick.

  3. maichoua lor
    maichoua lor says:

    I am a new nail tech and when some my clients come back for a fill and their nail lift from the bottom. What should I do or how do I remove the lift from the tip of the nail?

  4. Penny Zografou
    Penny Zografou says:

    Hello there! Great content! I'm a nail tech from Greece. I also have clients who's nails curl from the side walls while they are growing. In that case, I am using a rubber base, rather than a gel base. It's more elastic and follows the natural growth of the nail, without lifting. Maybe you should try a rubber base with this client, as well.❤️ You are doing amazing work, I really enjoyed your videos!

  5. Gena Matthews
    Gena Matthews says:

    It reminds me of the waves as they break on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean at Avon Beach, Outter Banks, North Carolina, America. Good memories! ☺

  6. Marika Luis
    Marika Luis says:

    Thanx for showing the measuring part!!!!! Tho one thing i hope we as professionals can start changing is , how we name the so called cuticle… since it is not actually cuticle and it messes up customers understanding about he actual cuticle and eponychium/proximal nailfold. Cuticle yes You can cut, but that little flap of skin over the nailplate we should basically never cut!

  7. todomo
    todomo says:

    i don’t think i could ever get acrylics or gel like that. i would not be able to stand having that gap of nail growth. two weeks is the max that i will ever wear glue on nails

  8. Rhiannon Clarke
    Rhiannon Clarke says:

    oh god, not to take away from the beautiful work but i couldnt help but cringe at the music! its the cover of moonlight by x that was done by a white girl who said the n word a bunch 🤢🤮

  9. Batzaya Olonbayar
    Batzaya Olonbayar says:

    You should use milky liquid cuticle softener. Works great on any even stubborn cuticle like that. So it will be so much easier for u push back. It softens the cuticle so well and so fast

  10. Madison B
    Madison B says:

    Is the structural layer regular gel? I know sometimes I do a layer that’s too thick and when I cure it in the lamp it burns. I was wondering if the structure layer does that?

  11. Farah LD
    Farah LD says:

    You are so gentle and careful while removing the old product and prepping the nails. Your work is beautiful, I really enjoyed your video 😊

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