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I tried a laser hair removal device from Amazon to see if I could perform at home hair removal. — NOT SPONSORED — I treated my lower legs and underarms and followed the 8-week timeline. I provide before after pictures along with my personal review.

As stated in the intro, I am not a licensed professional. Please consult with a professional to make sure you are a candidate for laser hair removal.

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When it comes to post-shower moisture, I like Gold Bond. Heads up, Gold Bond is more of a thick lotion than buttery, but it does rub in no problem. The Healing option contains aloe vera. Hope this helps!!
* Gold Bond Healing Lotion:

Additional information to note about my journey:
– I had previously consulted with a professional who told me that I was a good candidate for laser hair removal.
– As I recommend in this video, I gave myself a test week prior to starting the 8-week regime.
– I made sure my treated areas contained hair less than 2mm in length.
– I did not interfere with waxing, Nair, or tweezing….using an electric razor helped!
– I properly moisturized after treatments with a fragrance-free lotion containing aloe.
– I did not tan or tinker with any unique skincare products in the meantime.
– I zapped an area 3x during every treatment.

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50 replies
  1. DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5 says:

    1:23 a 20 minute drive is nothing… i drive 20 minutes to work 5-6 days a week and an 1hr 20 to a friends house as often as i can.
    its a 30 minute drive to the nearest 3 walmart.
    i had a job that was 1 hour away, and that was bad. 2 hours a day sitting in a car is a big chunk of time.
    Unfortunately you cant teleport where ever you want to go.

  2. Ann Jay
    Ann Jay says:

    How do you remove your hair usually? Lol I shave my entire body against the hair line every single day and it doednt bleed but its annoying as hell, thats why I want a laser

  3. ntombenhle mabuza
    ntombenhle mabuza says:

    I have a different product from this one, also came with the glasses and the razor. I’ve started using it 2 and a half weeks ago, on my pubic area and armpit. Not really sure whether is working. Lol I hope it is working, I am patience not in a hurry at all. I am also positive that it possible that it working. Thanks for the vid.

  4. Davinia Robbins
    Davinia Robbins says:

    I been using a similar device to remove my facial hair. Only been doing it a couple of weeks and to be honest I am not sure that I am seeing only difference and I have been zapping four times a week(every other day). The growth has slowed a bit but that is all. Will see where I am in two more weeks. Not impressed so far.

  5. Sir Fap A Lot
    Sir Fap A Lot says:

    Shaving every day, summer days 2 times a day.. yes everything not just beard…and i have the most anoying thicc coarse hair … Just got almost the same zapper to try cause im not consistent enough to get laser done at studio wich is also a ton of cash every time so im hoping for any results to reduce the effort of shaving…. … About the pre work? …… get proper razor for the shower … for mirror shave and slow clean shave i like gilette… but for shower/legs always used wilkieson hydro 5.. .not the cheapest but the work great and never make cuts you really have to try your best if you can cut your self with a good set of blades from any top made… never use the cheap throwaway plastic ones… thats asking for blood. stop torturing yourself.

    The patchy skin, is just optical illusion cause you never had such little hairgrowth, the patchyness means you need to be more consistent on the furry spots i believe…

    the biggest diffrence on diffrent places is easy, you have very diffrent hairgrowth in your armpits, for males beard is even worse.. but its just way more coarse hair wich takes way more time , it will get thinner and eventually get less , but if you are young and you have really thick hair on some places it can take more effort… .maybe just getting armpits lasered another to get the big load off then fix it off with IPL so you dont need 9 times at the laser studio?

    I was happy about a girlfriends phillps IPL result but the price didnt seem to interesting, so i went for this to start as a trial, hope i will be worth it and if the thick hairs take to long as some for you seem to be harder to get rid of….im going to try another a inbetween laser to see if that makes it more IPL compatible after.

  6. Damla Öztürk
    Damla Öztürk says:

    Hello, I am not good at the language you speak, but I translate the speech from Google Translate .. and I want to buy this device … I think you are using this device for 6 months, is not it? I want to ask, is it really good ?? Can you tell me about your written experience in order to translate it on Google, and how much benefit you got from%

  7. Jenn C
    Jenn C says:

    I’ve had this professionally done and they did it in hair growth cycles. The hair grew WAY more during the 3rd cycle which is normal. Be consistent. That’s the key.

  8. __greg.k
    __greg.k says:

    You should have asked them to send it free or give a special code for your subscribers cause u just gave a full on not-payed review😌✋✨

  9. Alexa
    Alexa says:

    You’re super adorbs 🥰. Btw, eye protection is dependent on spectrum of laser light. I’d assume it’s either UV or IR laser. If it’s IR, your sunglasses won’t protect you from that spectrum and you won’t be able to see it’s true intensity w/ your naked eyes so those cheap spectacles that come w/ it might be specific to the spectrum of light it’s trying to protect you from. Just be careful😘

  10. Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith says:

    Have any of you tried the Tria or Silk'n along with this? I've tried different at-home lasers in the past and got no results. I haven't given up hope though. I love the idea of saving thousands of dollars, saving time, and also being able to treat hair in the privacy of my home. It just sucks when you waste money on the at-home devices because none of them are really pocket change either.

  11. eric martin
    eric martin says:

    I've got the same unit.. there is one trick you're missing.. probably the most important..
    The hair has to be out a tiny bit of. Yep what I do is shave… Wait a couple, three days for the hair to come out a tiny bit.. what happens is.. the light followes the hair down to the follicle and kills it.
    If your freshly shaved the light won't follow the hair down.
    I did the same thing at first and also did lots of research.
    The instructions that come with this unit are difficult to really put together what's going on..
    By the way.. it works.. the three times a week, is just to make sure you get the spot you missed but with natural hair growth and the slow time it takes to fall out with new hairs coming in.. twice a month for six months.. maybe eight months for some areas..
    I shave and wait 2 days then zap,zap… Good luck..

  12. wahiba T
    wahiba T says:

    Please help me , I bought a home laser machine wetty and found it used for men، can women use men's hair removal?, and what is the difference between male and female lasers? Sorry for my English

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