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blonde bombshell / lilac lavender hair / bleaching out long roots hair tutorial hair strategies

Bleaching out long roots can be tricky so we wanted to make a “bleaching out long roots hair tutorial” video for you! Getting the hair lightened seamlessly from roots to ends is the key to perfecting pastel hair colors😎.

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Because pastel hair colors are so light, any banding of yellow (or WARMTH🔥 for that matter) WILL SHOW THROUGH leaving you with a color that is anything but PASTEL.

In this video, Aly’s hair goal is to have lilac lavender hair. In order to do this, we must turn her into a blonde bombshell first👱‍♀️.

This 1️⃣st part of this video will be a “bleaching out long roots hair tutorial” where we turn Aly from 6-7 inches of regrowth to a BLONDE BOMBSHELL.

The 2️⃣nd part of this video will be how to tone for lilac lavender hair. First, we will neutralize any brassiness in her hair. Then, we’ll deposit the final tone. There is definitely an art to perfecting pastel lilac hair🎨.

Time Highlights:
02:23 step 1 – best practices for lightening really grown out hair
03:22 step 2
04:34 lightener is washed out
04:54 – toner 1
05:28 Lilac toner 1
06:38 —
06:56 finished color
07:15 —

The techniques used for bleach and tone for lavender hair will be the same technique that you use for any pastel hair or platinum hair finish. Once you master the art of bleach and tone for long roots, the hair colors you can create will become ENDLESS 😎😍

If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment👇😘


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6 replies
  1. Kristina Marquez
    Kristina Marquez says:

    Very pretty! I can't wait to try your products! I'm looking at that replenish oil, so fancy looking. Very good prices too I'll be ordering it very soon. Already shared it on Facebook so my friends will know about you.

  2. Haley Sperbeck
    Haley Sperbeck says:

    Absolutely Stunning 💜
    I love lightening,and challenging myself especially with color corrections!! It is alot of work,but so worth it! This looked beautiful, and You did an amazing job 🙌🏼😊

  3. Alina Valentino Fonseca
    Alina Valentino Fonseca says:

    I have a question. What if a client needs more 4 hours maybe 6 tops. Is that fine? Even when using bond builders and Collagen Powder from guy tang and following up with the olaplex line and collagen line and Schwarzkopf bonding conditioner? I did this on Virginia hair with higher nd higher developer from trionics line and I made sure to watch all of their videos… I made sure to rwD the instructions. Watch tutorials and everything. This client had virgin hair and she knows nothing about hair and I did simplify all the steps and concerns. I did a way above and beyond consult. Anyway in the end she left without finishing her last session it was a three session gig. She was a level 5/4 kinda appeared like a light brown but a r I'll was dark. She pulled red orange so I did a second process. I incubated with foils and a plastic cap. Well anyways with her partner rushing her in between. I felt uncomfortable but I did manage a to get her hair to a level 8/9 in the back and the front pieces were still pulling through but wasn't finished. Anyways I rinsed her out did all the treatments. I sent her home with products since she was rushing and told her to come back for a third session. And she never responded to me and then month later she said her hair was feels damaged and she's not going to continue the treatments. I feel awful…and I just can't have this going again this is not the first time…I never get to finish the color I never get to fill the hair. I never get to blow dry and style it. I am backed by hairdressers that tell me that I know what I'm doing but in the end I feel defeated. I can't build my proper portfolio because clients are so scared of the process and don't trust the process I'm really hurt and I want to save myself from feeling this way. What can I tell my clients before they ask for a service that takes long and is a color correction process or is an extreme light result or fashion color. Clients I have are usually Hispanic sometimes Caucasian. The end result for this client was 9, 5-21 IGORA Vibrance from Schwarzkopf

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