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In today’s video, I am going to be sharing my experience of getting Brazilian laser hair removal with you guys! I put together a few questions + answers that I know I had before I started my laser treatments! I’m also going to be spilling the tea on LHR and I will give you all of the most important tips I could think of before starting LHR treatments. Some questions you might ask are: Is it worth the value? How much does it *really* cost? Does it work? How long does it last?
I will be answering all of that today!

Have you gotten LHR before?! If so, what was your experience like?

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32 replies
  1. jess
    jess says:

    sorry i’m barely catching up on your video! i loved florida!! i can’t wait to move out there!! i’ve actually wanted to try laser hair removal thank you for sharing this❤️ i didn’t think it would magically go away right away haha speaking of intense sunburn that happened to me🤣 but what’s worth though getting a tattoo or laser hair removal?😂😂 i’ve never had anything waxed haha yeah i hate shaving every single day it’s really annoying! thank you for sharing these tips! a hot iron sounds painful but i’ll definitely ask you if i have any other questions. did you still shave after your laser hair removal or did you not shave and waited until your follow up idk if that made any sense but it made sense in my head🤣 i don’t remember if you answered that but i wanted to ask to make sure, i won’t get it done right away maybe a few years down the road🤣

  2. Aliza Tanveer
    Aliza Tanveer says:

    Tysm for making this beautiful was considering getting laser hair removal done, this helps soo much tysm ❣️❣️also you’re soo stunning wow 😍😍✨ sending you soo much love gorgeous from one ytber to another ❣️✨✨✨

  3. Chala Perry
    Chala Perry says:

    I always wanted to get this done but i keep psyching myself out thinking about the pain 😭. And the way you described it with the iron 😂😳omgggg

  4. Katerina Petrou
    Katerina Petrou says:

    You're gorgeous! I'm sorry for the self promo but I was wondering if you could check my channel out too. Still early days but I’m hoping to reach 1000 subscribers by the end of the year. Any support is appreciated and will of course be reciprocated! xx

  5. At Home With Troy
    At Home With Troy says:

    It's good to know this I have thought about this pain isn't really something I was worried about ( I've pushed a kid out my ho ha with no meds😄) but the results justifying the price.

  6. Ashlyn Gilbertson
    Ashlyn Gilbertson says:

    Thank you so much for making this! I’ve been wanting to do laser hair removal for awhile, but I thought I’d have to keep up with it every week, thank you for cleaning things up! 💛

  7. Morgan Green
    Morgan Green says:

    This is such perfect timing for the summer!! I have always wondered about laser hair removal & have never done any research hahaha it’s really such an interesting topic

  8. Shayy Butter
    Shayy Butter says:

    Ive always wanted to try laser hair removal. I wanted to get the Brazilian and armpit + legs. I feel like it would just be so much easier on me and save so much time and money on products for hair removal I think Ive tried just about everything to remove hair!

  9. Tina Bartelli
    Tina Bartelli says:

    I literally don’t understand how you do it but you always post videos that have to do with something I’m going through. I was just telling my mom I wanted to try this yesterday

  10. Ann Dove
    Ann Dove says:

    This was so informative!! I definitely want to do laser hair removal bc I get bad razor bumps when I shave 🙁 but I’m scared of the pain😂 and… I’m broke lmao. But maybe I can do it in a few years 🙂 💓

  11. Jazchanel
    Jazchanel says:

    I love how honest you were !! I have wanted to try this for awhile now, I still do and will just add a lot emphasis on a lot 😂 of numbing cream

  12. Julia Winn
    Julia Winn says:

    I have literally been wanting to do this for YEARSSS!! I need to do it, because my hair be shaved at 9 am and growing back by lunch. ma'am…not ok 😂 just scared of the pain!

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