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If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, then you know finding the right skincare product for your skin type can be a struggle. The key is to use effective, yet gentle, skincare products. That’s why I put together this skincare routine that’s perfect for sensitive, acne-prone skin.

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20 replies
  1. Weng Weng
    Weng Weng says:

    No, I respectfully disagree. This vid is not good for sensitive, prone-acne skin. Please stick to one only. And don’t use salicylic acid with differin. Can use in the morning to cleanse tho. Please keep your routine simple when using retinoids. And lastly don’t scrub cuz it tends to penetrate deeper and will cause more irritation. And if you’re doing a waiting phase to see for reaction don’t use another treatment in between cuz duh it will defeat the purpose 🙄😒😁 hope this comment saves someone ✌🏼💜

  2. Sofia Bruni
    Sofia Bruni says:

    ive been prescribed epiduo (0.3% adapalene + 2.5% benzoyl peroxide) and the instructions in the box say to use it everyday. normally i use chemical exfoliants twice a week, should i just stop this, or take 2 days out from the epiduo to exfoliate instead?

  3. Intika
    Intika says:

    I thought salicylic acid was not to be used with any type of retinoid or Adapalene because it could render the actives ineffective. They can be used in the morning after but not before applying those actives. That said your skin is glowing and you're gorgeous.

    T FANGIRL says:

    Is it really okay to start using Differin for blackheads, clogged pores and closed comedones? I don’t have acne or pimples (mabey one or two per month) i just have redness with few red acne spots and those things that I mentioned above.

  5. Miranda Whitt
    Miranda Whitt says:

    Only a few minutes into the video but YES TO SIMPLIFYING YOUR SKINCARE 🙌🏻 I struggled with breakouts all through my teen years (22 now), and the past year or so I literally stopped everything and only used cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and cerave moisturizing cream and my skin dramatically changed for the better. I also stopped wearing makeup every single day (except mascara and a little brow touch up). I’m back into wanting to try new skincare now, and it’s so much easier to tell if something is causing me irritation because I know my true baseline now, if that makes sense.

  6. Gaukhar Ruslanova
    Gaukhar Ruslanova says:

    Guys, please be careful with using salicylic acid cleanser and differin at the same time. Various dermatologists suggest that these products cancel each other out – you should use differin at night and salicylic acid the next morning. You can use benzoyl peroxide with differin.
    And also please put moisturizer before differin, especially people with sensitive skin – it will really change your whole routine. You should use differin at least 3 times a week to see results.
    Wish everyone clear skin! 🌷

  7. Sarah Hansen
    Sarah Hansen says:

    Ever since my early twenties, my skin broke out in rashes or acne with any product I tried. Crazy sensitive skin to the point I couldn't use anything. Was so heartbroken that I had given up for years, but very once in a while I tried a new product but always had issues. I had another urge to take a risk, and I FINALLY found products that I can use! Plus, they work!  RE:ERTH skincare has been amazing for me. Skin is just glowing ✨

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