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I have seriously been considering laser hair removal for YEARS, but with my busy schedule it’s hard to fit it in. I decided home treatments were the way to go and finally splurged on the Tria 4x laser. Hope you like coming along on this 8 week journey with me!! Warning, you will see a thousand images of my armpits if you watch this haha

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  1. Abbey Clark
    Abbey Clark says:

    Wondering if it would ok to use Dermaplast (I think that's what it's called) to numb the area first? I just recieved mine and am planning to use it this weekend. I am really in no mood to go through the birthing process, lol.

  2. E. A.
    E. A. says:

    Great video! I’m currently undergoing professional laser treatment everywhere in my body and I really love it! I’m thinking of purchasing this product for my maintenance what do you think Dr. Crystal?

  3. SueLyn Cheang
    SueLyn Cheang says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the following:
    1. Should you have eye protection?
    2. How painful should it be? Like must you do it to the point it hurts?
    3. Would you do it for your bikini line? I was thinking of doing this to myself but I'm so scared 😂

  4. wahiba T
    wahiba T says:

    Hi. I have a home hair removal device from the brand wetty and I am afraid to try, is there a difference between women’s and men's devices?

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