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Whats up squad?! Today I’m sharing my experience with my first laser hair removal treatment for the facial hair I have due to pcos. Meet me in the comments if you have any more questions!

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41 replies
  1. Tasha Leary
    Tasha Leary says:

    I just came back from my consultation, I was so scared. We did a patch test on my arm & it didn't hurt at all, hopefully it'll be the same for my chin area. I know the face is more sensitive. Still debating if I wanna go through with everything though.

  2. GetFit WithChi_
    GetFit WithChi_ says:

    if this helps, Black women, go to a laser hair removal spa that has specifically an ND-YAG lazer. This targets our hair follicle and not our melanocytes (which is why you can't use any type of lazer)

  3. Saraniesha Gardner
    Saraniesha Gardner says:

    Definitely got about halfway through this video before calling and getting all set up. I needed to see a black woman say it was okay lol. My first appointment is next week so hopefully everything goes well! 🤞🏾

  4. Montina B
    Montina B says:

    I’ve had some chin hairs and it’s so irritating, my gynecologist check my hormones and everything was fine, so I don’t think that all chin hairs are related to pcos, but definitely good to know in the event you would need to be check to see if you may have it anyhow great video and will definitely try ideal image!

  5. Gail Weekes
    Gail Weekes says:

    I just did my first treatment with Ideal Image today. I only did my chin and upper neck area. At this moment that area looks very bruised like dark red. It looks so bad. Do you know anything about that and how long does it stay like that or what can I put on my face

  6. noname5905
    noname5905 says:

    Thanks for such an informative video, I am new to your channel! I had another question for ya: How did you navigate dating when you were experiencing hormonal hair growth? I always get so paranoid thinking my date will see my chin hairs or feel my peach fuzz. How did you handle this if it ever came up for you? Thanks! xo

  7. Meldoy32
    Meldoy32 says:

    Thank you for sharing! I have similar issues that started ten years ago and has become progressively worse. Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Ashie Ashie
    Ashie Ashie says:

    I have been plucking them out and now have got a very dark patch under my chin just waiting if the whole dark pigmentation goes then l can book one . I feel very low with this Beard thing

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