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In this video I show you how to create lightning nail art!
This is a super simple nail art design perfect for beginners.
This is a nail tutorial is for beginners or anyone who enjoys nail content!

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I am so grateful for each and everyone one of you!

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Everything I use:

Gershion Polygel Kit:

Nail Drill:

Cuticle Bits:

Black Gel Polish:

White Gel Polish:

Blue Gel Polish:

Nail Art Brushes:

Nail Tips:

Dehydrator & Primer:

Hand File:

Polygel Brush:

Cuticle oil:

UV Lamp:

Music Credit:
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Afternoon Nap by Ghostrifter Official
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40 replies
  1. Amber Desiree
    Amber Desiree says:

    Wow I’m just now watching this video! Love your work! So beautiful 🤩 You were about to hit 10k subscribers , and I see you’re almost at 100k!!! CONGRATS 💞💞💞💞
    I see you’re using a small lid as your Dappen dish. I make custom resin art, and I would LOVE to send you a complementary Dappen dish ❤️🥰

    Please let me know!!! It would be my pleasure ❣️🙏🏼

  2. Tobi Carandang
    Tobi Carandang says:

    I can't believe this was only 4 months ago and you said you just hit. 9k 🥺 and now you're at 91k!! Aw you seem so sweet and this set is gorgeous 😍 had to subscribe!! All the best to you girl!

  3. Jeanine Ross
    Jeanine Ross says:

    This is the 1st of ur videos that I have seen & I can't wait to see what else u have created! These are so dang cute . An girl u made it look so simple to do. Definitely subscribing! Thanks for sharing 💝

  4. Randy lewis
    Randy lewis says:

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  5. XtraCream XtraSugar
    XtraCream XtraSugar says:

    These are GORGEOUS!!! 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤⚡⚡
    You're seriously SOOOO freakin talented it's amazing you taught yourself all this & can basically work with anything (acrylic, polygel, builder gel, dip powder, etc.) You're seriously INSANELY talented & also SUPER creative!! I WISH I had that talent lol smh. The nails I'm good with I just need more, (much more LOL) practice with my filing to get my shape exactly how I like it. But as far as being so creative like knowing what colors will look & go good together, what designs would look good, which nails to do them on or do them all designed, what the best decorations would be to really pull it all together (as in like, glitter, butterflies, bows, chrome powders, rhinestones, decals, flowers, striping tape etc.) Idk what to call them all so I just say decorations lol but mannnn that's like the hardest part for me smh. I hate copying someone elses look but at the same time I just can't look at my stuff and be like, yup these colors will look BOMB together, with this glitter, & a few of these rhinestones.. LOL. I just dont have that talent unfortunately 😔 I HATE it bc it makes me feel SO unoriginal that I don't come up w my own looks but…. idk maybe after awhile of playing w diff colors and decorations I'll get into my own little thing & start creating my own designs. But you are AMAZING!! SERIOUSLY!. I DEFINITELY see why your channel blew up so fast. You deserve it all girl. Just wait , you're gonna be HUGE I'd put money on it. 🤩🥰💗🌸💜💙🤍🖤🌻🌺
    Edit also I'm sorry but I HAD to add this…. someone commented abt being excited for the giveaway & I had commented this but wanted you to see it. This was my comment. I love you & watch all ur videos but felt your giveaway was super unfair. Here is my comment. "She actually ended up doing the giveaway right on one of her live videos like 15 mins into the video if im not mistaken , she just picked like 5 random ppl who were in the room of the live chat….which I REALLY was disappointed about and felt was EXTREMELY unfair…. a lot of us either are on diff time zones, maybe we aren't awake, or at work, or just can't tune in at that time (like me I have 3 kids, 2 of them being only ages 1 and 3 smh) so I don't get much "me time" & DEFINITELY can't just sit for THREE hours & watch a live nail video the MINUTE I get a notification about it… I was SOOOOO upset about how she went about that giveaway. 😩😔😭.. I love her & watch ALL her videos but felt that was so SO VERY unfair & idk how she didn't see/realize that…"

  6. Carlizcha
    Carlizcha says:

    I ordered polygel for the first time a few days ago and I was looking videos for ideas and I just found you!!! Omg I’m obsessed with ur videos. 🥰 Keep up the good work!

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