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Hey girlfriend, I had the pleasure of testing the *new* fenty skincare for you. And I gave you the whole run down on how I feel about this skincare line from price to ingredients. Literally everything you could possible think of. Hopefully you got some good information to help you decide if you want to get it. Stay safe & come back every week for a NEW video!!

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♡ FYI:
Skin Type ⇢ Normal to Dry
Skin Concerns ⇢ Texture, Oily T-zone, Hyperpigmentation
Hyram ⇢
The Golden RX ⇢

Sean Garette ⇢
Keamone F. ⇢

Total Cleans’r
Fat Water
Hydra Vizor
Farmacy Green Clean

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31 replies
  1. Des Best
    Des Best says:

    We must understand everyone’s skin is different and everyone will have a different experience/result! It’s worth a try! I got mine today it feels well!

  2. Sabrina Reyes
    Sabrina Reyes says:

    YOOOO Why does spf leave your skin looking ashy?! How is this something I never knew???? That’s messed up, not something that should be an issue in 2021

  3. lusciousleo1971
    lusciousleo1971 says:

    I've been using this now for 3 weeks I love all the products. I use all the products all over my face including the eye area with absolutely no issues. My favorite products are ALL of them. The cleanser is so thick a little bit goes a long way. Same with the toner and moisturizer/soft. There is also a recovery night cream that's the BOMB!! and while I wouldn't go so far as to say I see my dark spots whitening I do feel a difference in my face in the three weeks that I've been using the product and my skin does feel more dewy and more moisturized so this is definitely a skin care line that I will continue using. I plan to compare my face after I've been using it for a solid 90 days

  4. Mercedes Moore
    Mercedes Moore says:

    I love it! A little hit goes a long way. I accidentally put on a little too much toner one day and it burned my eyes. Besides that if you use the right amount it works perfect. It’s moisturizes my skin well! And I normally have very dry skin

  5. Crys Bris
    Crys Bris says:

    I just purchased the 4pk (I think it come with a gel cream too) but I cannot WAIT to receive it🤪🤍🤍Thanks for the review! ☺️

  6. Aneka Drazek
    Aneka Drazek says:

    New subscriber. Been binge watching all weekend long. Great content ❤️ Love your personality and passion for life. Also love my son lmao aka my
    Shih Tzu Mr. H so I so related to U & your fur baby in that aspect. I tried Fenty Beauty and their skin care line was a no go for me but their make up is one of the best on market in my opinion.

  7. Black QueenNita
    Black QueenNita says:

    I got the set for 80 dollars that was suppose to be a sale 💀 it did burn my eyes but I didn’t know what was doing it but I was going wild and putting it over my eyes which aren’t you suppose to do or no? But it has made my face clearer.And the last one you put on that you twist out she needs to make that into a perfume I freaking love the smell !

  8. kyason kaylor
    kyason kaylor says:

    my face is darker than body and my face color is so uneven like its whitest and light brown so the fat water would be perfect but im too cheap to buy it 😪

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