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Thank you so much for joining me today as I filmed my 1st time EVER using self tanner! @Beauty By Earth sent gifted me the self tanner along with a few other items as part of sponsored post for my instagram account. But, I also wanted to share my experience with all of you!

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21 replies
  1. Jessalynn Scholl
    Jessalynn Scholl says:

    I used to go tanning back in the day then realized how bad it was for me. I have been wanting to try a self tanner but didn’t want to look orange. I like how this one made you look. You are literally glowing and the color is pretty. Really need to try and definitely keep in mind d to exfoliate. Thanks for sharing this mama 🤗❤️

  2. hooded _eyess
    hooded _eyess says:

    I dont tan I burn ahhaha so self tanner is a must! also so sorry to hear about the fires around ur area 🙁 I agree it's super important to exfoliate before tanning!

  3. Jenny IBDFM
    Jenny IBDFM says:

    I’m normally scared to try self tanners cause my friends back in the day would use them and be orange lol so I never tried them but this one sounds amazing and I might try them out! My legs are the lightest too cause I don’t wear shorts or short skirts cause I hate my legs lol

  4. Life With A Stethoscope
    Life With A Stethoscope says:

    I don’t tan because I’ve naturally darker skin but watching this it looks so good on you. I know some people who tan regularly but they end up having more of an orange tinge than anything but this doesn’t !

  5. Vanessa Beauty
    Vanessa Beauty says:

    😃 so nice! Hahahahaha! The neighbors! Very good demonstration! Definitely a difference! Love the shade, very even👏🏻👏🏻 and I have the same glove and I’m using a different type of brand” I forgot the name, I got it from Ipsy shopper👍🏻 i’m definitely going to look into this product 🌱 vegan, cruelty free is a Plus😉 have a great weekend!👋🏻

  6. Caitgrlbrb
    Caitgrlbrb says:

    Your glowing in all the right places. Your arms turned out great. Love that the ingredients on this one are organic. Your legs turned out amazing. I’ve always wondered about the self tanning gloves. Can they be reused Or are they for one time use only? 💜🌻☀️

  7. Yessie Gonzalez
    Yessie Gonzalez says:

    Exfoliating is so important before tanning I love using a dry brush and moisturize a lot the days prior. I love that your filming outside the change of location is nice! Love that it’s vegan and CF!

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