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Hey loves!! Here’s our affordable look for Valentine’s Day!

Hope you enjoy babe!

-Maya xoxo

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Coloured Raine: MAYAGALORE
Morphe: GLAMFAM476
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Age: 30
School: Spelman College
Camera: Canon EOS R
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X for MacBook


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PSALM 46:5 God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.

35 replies
  1. Maya Galore
    Maya Galore says:

    Hey babes! I just got home from Miami yesterday and editing this video just was not gonna happen before today 🤦🏾‍♀️ but I’m resting/recovering, and prepping the BBL vlog for Sunday! Love y’all and thanks for supporting me 🥰

  2. Nicole Thomas
    Nicole Thomas says:

    Chile this is the first makeup artist that I actually understand after all these years I finally understand what products do what I almost want to cry, Thank you Maya you don’t know what your videos do for makeup dummies like me, much love from New Orleans!

  3. Amanda Hill
    Amanda Hill says:

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  4. Ms Necee
    Ms Necee says:

    Even though I love watching and you teaching me how to do my makeup I just love your energy girl you just give off this positive vibe good luck in your success may God continue bless you💓

  5. teyonie young
    teyonie young says:

    Am not a pinky girl but this look is beautiful. Maya how do you get your normal lashes so straight that you have to problem putting on the fake ones? Am asking because mine is curled up and I always have a struggle getting the fake ones on.

  6. Nicole Hernandez
    Nicole Hernandez says:

    SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR CHANNEL! You're a natural beauty…and your skin is flawless! I love how you use your fingers cause in my opinion they are your BEST tools. This makeup look is gorgeous❤ I'm definitely gonna try it..I'm sure it won't look as flawless as yours, but I will try!😅 I will be binge watching your videos until my kids wake up!😁

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